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Handle knob selection in different materials


EVA is the most commonly used as a non-slip material.
It is also adopted to rod grip material.
Soft material and support your hands from power fighting.
These days, slim, long and round type is getting popular.
When you do not have any insistence, our recommendation is EVA material knob.

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Though it depends on products, plastic knob is sometimes lighter than EVA .
Especially, specialized light weight knob enables your fishing tackle to be much lighter with bait-finesse reel or light weight rod.
Also, classical round type knob has a good compatibility with old reels like Abu's Ambassadeur.

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Beautiful transparent knob comes from acrylic characteristic.
Currently, both Avail and IOS factory are making acrylic knob.
There are not so many anglers who use this type knob so that you can feel originality.

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Aluminium / Titanium

Metal material supports its toughness.
There are many color variation coated by alumite(anodized) processing.
Wide range of sizes are prepared from light weight to heavy tackle.

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Natural Wood

Luxury wood is richly used and its texture is so beautiful such as Chinese quinces and ebony.
The more you use it, the more knob's gross gets pleasant.
Totally different from high spec stream and it will be sole item.
Professional angler can use it longer as possible as they can.

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Super light weight and sensitive, cutting edge carbon material.
The point is that each company's technology is applied for Ci4+ and ZAION material knobs.

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Most of them are applied for SHIMANO's original knobs.
Low price and easy to grip. There are various shape of knobs from standard to light type.
Depends on types, it is possible to exchange knob cap to other maker's colorful one.

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I Shape

It is mainly applied for DAIWA's handle knob.
Light weight and easy to grip, so you will not feel weariless for this versatile knob.
Recently, there are not only black color but also many color variation from clear to colorful color.

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Slim Long Shape

Natural cork is bareness on the surface.
As it is applied for rod grip, cork is light weight and sensitive material.
Special warmth and texture are accepted by lots of anglers.

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