[LIVRE] Fino+ Titanium Handle Knob HKAL

[LIVRE] Fino+ Titanium Handle Knob HKAL

Our Selling Price: US$46.20 - US$104.50

Prices vary according to options.



Fino+ knob is designed with size up of 7mm (length) ・5mm(wide), which provides outstanding hold ability.
Instead of just a enlarging the size, the genes of the Fino knob has been brushed up by redesigning it.
The knob weight is about 11g, almost the same weight as the f knob.
It is surprisingly light-weighted.

From the feeling of grasping to the feeling of touching
Titanium thin-walled hollow knob Fino + is 7mm longer and 5mm wider than Fino, greatly improving grip.
The weight of the knob itself is almost the same class as Forte (about 11g), and it is surprisingly lightweight despite its apparent size.
If you put your index finger on it, your thumb will be guided to stick to it, and you can enjoy a stable grip and unprecedented sensitivity.

Brushed up Fino genes
While inheriting the goodness of Fino, Fino + is not just an enlarged size,
but it takes advantage of the increased form by redesigning it and leads to the world of power games.

Just fits the genuine handle
If you remove the genuine knob attached to the genuine handle and attach a custom knob, you can easily get usability and dress up.
Since it is manufactured with extremely high precision, there is no blurring or rattling.