[Avail] Marble Flat Handle Knob Short - 1 piece

[Avail] Marble Flat Handle Knob Short - 1 piece

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Marble Flat Knob Short

Model Name


Product Description

Avail handle knob with a unique pattern.
Each knob is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, from raw material cutting to the final polishing process.
These knobs not only boast exceptional precision but also offer a pleasingly smooth and tacky grip.
All knobs are equipped with two ball bearings. Enjoy color coordination by matching handle colors and knob caps.


Basic Specifications: Marble Flat Knob Short

Main Sizes:
Maximum Diameter: 17mm Bottom Diameter: 13mm Total Length: 27.5mm


Installed Bearing Quantity:
2 pieces

Installed Bearing Bearing Size:
Outer Diameter 7mm × Inner Diameter 4mm × Thickness 2.5mm

Compatible Avail Handles:
Pure Handle S (Type 2) for ABU/Isuzu/Daiwa 60/65/70/75/80mm
Single Pure Handle S for ABU/Isuzu/Daiwa 32.5/35/37.5/40mm
S-Trad Handle for ABU/Isuzu 65/70/75/80mm

Compatible Avail Handle Caps:
GM Knob Cap without flange for Avail Original Knobs

Note:*These knobs are only compatible with Avail S-Trad Handles, Pure Handle S, and Single Pure Handle S.
*They cannot be installed on handles from other manufacturers or ABU original handles.


Marble Flat Knob Short S-KNOB-H1-MA-OX67 005

Marble Flat Knob Short S-KNOB-H1-MA-WLF46 006

Marble Flat Knob Short S-KNOB-H1-MA-BKK42 007

Marble Flat Knob Short S-KNOB-H1-MA-OX28 008

Marble Flat Knob Short S-KNOB-H1-MA-BKK44 009

Marble Flat Knob Short S-KNOB-H1-MA-BKK41 010

Marble Flat Knob Short S-KNOB-H1-MA-BKK47 011



*The marble pattern may vary slightly as it is cut from marble resin.
*Instagram images show each product photographed from three angles.