[LIVRE] Fino Air Handle Knob *HKAL

[LIVRE] Fino Air Handle Knob *HKAL

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Model Quantity Color Weight (g)/1pc. Product No. Item No.
Fino Air 1 Silver/Black 4.3 ASBK-1 11150
Fire/Black AFBK-1 11151
Brown (IP)/Black ABBK-1 11152
2 Silver/Black ASBK-2 11153
Fire/Black AFBK-2 11154
Brown (IP)/Black ABBK-2 11155

Product Description

Fino Air

A New Proposal for Winding Comfort
It is designed not to cling too tightly to the fingers so that it can be held with a light touch.
By pursuing a shape that makes it easy to roll the knob within the fingers, stable reeling and easy line slack pickup have been achieved.
After extensive testing with numerous samples, a new sensation in winding comfort has been reached. Please experience it for yourself.

A Revolutionary New Shape that Redefines the Knob
The knob is designed with a thinner exterior than the interior, and the cross-section has a subtle taper.
This shape, which redefines the concept of knobs, allows for meticulous control of slacklines with finesse methods, dynamic luring, hooking using variable reeling speeds, and even fighting with large fish.

A Perfect Fit for the Genuine Handle
By removing the genuine knob installed on the genuine handle and fitting a custom knob, you can easily enhance both usability and appearance.
Manufactured with high precision, there is no wobble or looseness.