[LIVRE] EP41 Handle Knob *HKAL

[LIVRE] EP41 Handle Knob *HKAL

Our Selling Price: US$82.50 - US$88.00

Prices vary according to options.


■ Product description
Focus on reeling and quick action
Based on the round type knob, it is designed with the side angled so that your fingers can be hooked more firmly.
Titanium wall thickness is t0.6mm
In addition to the light operation feeling of "EP 37", you can feel more powerful.
In addition, the new shape of the dimples reflects the insistence that it is not just a size increase.

Feeling, lightness and beauty are fused
Round and gentle pentagonal parts are processed from a thin titanium plate (t0.6mm) with a special mold.
Temporary welding, main welding, rough polishing, and finish polishing are performed on each, and each one is manually colored.
Finally, it is completed by combining aluminum knob collars that have been subjected to high-precision cutting and alumite treatment on an NC lathe.
The ultimate round knob with a thoroughly refined hand-held feel.

Just fits the genuine handle
If you remove the genuine knob attached to the genuine handle and attach a custom knob, you can easily get usability and dress up.
Since it is manufactured with extremely high precision, there is no blurring or rattling.