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●SHIMAMO/DAIWA Genuine Spare Parts Purchase

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Line Roller Bearing

■ For Line Roller System (Line Roller Bearings)

Line rollers are the most vulnerable to damage caused by rust and dirt on spinning reels and cause trouble.
n other words, how you maintain your line rollers so that they function properly will determine
whether you can enjoy comfortable fishing all day long or suffer from line troubles.
Basically, if it rotates smoothly, trouble will not occur so much,
but it is also a part where the hidden effect of tuning is large.

The better the rotation of the line roller in tuning, the more sensitive the reel will be.
Changes in the swimming posture of the lure and the strength of the underwater flow can be read more clearly at hand along the line,
which is indispensable for retrieve-centered fishing such as minnows and spoons.

In addition, by greatly reducing the thread twist of the line, not only line troubles such as backlash are reduced,
but also the basic performance of the reel can be improved by maintaining the strength of the line and improving the flight distance.


Line Roller

RK series

DAIWA Line Roller Bearing Upgrade Kit
Line Roller Bearing 15 REVROS


Line Roller
Bearing Upgrade Kit
RL series

DAIWA Line Roller Bearing Upgrade Kit
Line Roller Bearing 12 LUVIAS


Line Roller
Bearing Upgrade Kit
RG series

DAIWA Line Roller Bearing Upgrade Kit
Line Roller Bearing 14 PRESSO


Line Roller
Bearing Upgrade Kit

SHIMANO Line Roller 2 Bearing Kit
Line Roller Bearing Vanquish

Spool Inside Bearing

■ For Drag System (Spool Shaft Bearing / Spool Inside Bearing)

By supporting the top and bottom of the spool with bearings,
the backlash of the spool is reduced, and the drag operates more uniformly than normal.
In addition, the built-in bearing reduces the bite of the drag,
not only when exchanging on the light line but also when the drag is tightened tightly.
When the bite is reduced, the line will come out smoothly with a constant tension,
so in addition to the safety performance that the line is hard to cut,
there is also the advantage that the line does not loosen suddenly, so the fish is hard to come off.

Spool Shaft Bearing 12 LUVIAS

Spool Inside Bearing 12 LUVIAS

Handle Knob Bearing

■ For Handle Knob System (Handle Knob Bearing)

Even better rotation of the handle knob contributes to the smoothness of rotation of the entire reel.
Especially when you gently grab the knob with your fingertips and are fishing with sensitivity in mind,
the rattling and ruggedness of the knob will reduce the characteristics of the good reel.
It's easy but deep, which is also an interesting part of tuning the handle knob.

Handle Knob Bearing 12 LUVIAS