[ZPI] Antirust Handle Knob Bearing (For SHIMANO / DAIWA) 4mm×7mm×2.5mm (2 pieces)

[ZPI] Antirust Handle Knob Bearing (For SHIMANO / DAIWA) 4mm×7mm×2.5mm (2 pieces)

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Anti-corrosion for the final transmission part

Knob bearings with an innovative anti-corrosion treatment
Knob bearings are exposed to harsh environments where water, dust, sand, mud, and other contaminants are inevitable.
The innovative anti-corrosive treatment protects the bearing with 200% higher anti-corrosive performance than the conventional treatment, and improves information transmission by opening up the bearing.
Periodic maintenance is required, but it is worth paying attention to because it is the final transmission part to sense the situation under the water.


Bearings are precision parts. Please handle them carefully to prevent dust from getting into them when installing or removing them for maintenance.
Rust is prevented by anti-corrosion treatment, but it is not 100% rust-free.
Please try to keep them in good condition with regular maintenance.
Please note that any problems with the reel caused by the rust-proof SiC-BB or knob bearings are not covered by the reel manufacturer's warranty.