[LIVRE] PT52 Handle Knob *HKAL

[LIVRE] PT52 Handle Knob *HKAL

Our Selling Price: US$132.00


■Product Description
A new standard of pentagon

The EP knob is ideal for reel spinning where you lightly put your hand on the knob, and for fishing where you grip the knob with a lot of force.
We pursued a grip that does not come off even when gripping lightly, and a shape that is comfortable in the hand even when gripping.
The overall pentagonal shape is uneven and comfortable to the touch, which is unimaginable from the outside.
It can be used for a wide range of fishing, from medium to large jigging.
The pentagonal shape feels smaller than it looks when you grip it.
Users of the EP50 knob, the largest knob in the EP series, will not feel any discomfort from the size.
The distinctive pentagonal knob gives you an intimate time to enjoy comfortable fishing.

Time for good atmosphere, lightness and beauty to merge.
Round titanium and round pentagonal parts are machined from a thin titanium plate t0.6mm using a dedicated mold.
Temporary welding, main welding, rough polishing, and final polishing of each are performed, and each one is manually colored.
Finally, an aluminum knob collar that has been subjected to high-precision cutting and alumite treatment with an NC lathe is united and completed.
This is the ultimate round knob that has been thoroughly polished to be held by hand.

Just fits the genuine handle
If you remove the genuine knob attached to the genuine handle and attach the custom knob, You can easily get the convenience and dress up.
Since it is manufactured with extremely high precision, there is no blurring or rattling.

■Compatible manufacturers
LIVRE Handle BJ Series
LIVRE Handle POWER Series

If you have BJ series and POWER series, please choose DAIWA's L.

■Color variations

Please refer to the picture above with four knobs in a row.
From left to right: gold, titanium color, blue, and red.