[LIVRE] EP37 handle knob *HKAL

[LIVRE] EP37 handle knob *HKAL

Our Selling Price: US$77.00 - US$82.50

Prices vary according to options.


SHIMANO Handle Knob A-Type
DAIWA Handle Knob S-Type
*Normally those handle knob types are equipped on reels with spool number 1000 to 4000.
C5000 size on some models.

■Product Description
Newly designed for light handlebars
The titanium used in the previous EP knob series has been revised.
Thickness changed from 0.8mm to 0.6mm.
Shape of the handle is designed to be easy for the fingers to ride on and difficult to pull, with emphasis on fine adjustment.
We actually did a number of prototypes with different lengths.
Then, the aperture was narrowed down to reach a size of 37mm.
Emphasis was placed on the ideal shape and feel that maximizes the use of two fingers.

A combination of lightness and beauty
The round and pentagonal parts are processed from thin titanium sheets of 0.8 mm using a special mold.
Each process is done by hand, one at a time, to brown the pieces.
It is completed by combining an NC lathe, high precision machining and anodized aluminum knob collar.
Ultimate knob, thoroughly refined for the sensation of hand-gripping, has been completed.

Fits the stock handlebar
If you remove the stock knob and install the custom knob, you can easily enjoy the decoration.
Manufactured with extremely high precision, so there is no shaking or rattling.

*This product is not compatible with LIVRE custom handle POWER series and BJ series.