[Avail] Resin Knob Short

[Avail] Resin Knob Short

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Resin Knob Short

Model Name


Product Introduction

This is an original round handle knob made by Avail.
For the first time, as Avail, we adopted “resin” as the material of the body.
We have prepared 6 bright and pop colors.
The resin knob short can only be installed on Avail-made S-size handle knob compatible handles.
For details on the handles that can be installed, please refer to the compatibility column in the basic specifications below.
By combining Avail-made handle caps, retainers, handle nuts, and spinning skirts, you can achieve a variety of color coordination.
How about dressing up your reel?



Lemon Yellow






Basic specifications

- Total length
27.5 mm

- Maximum diameter
17 mm

- Diameter of the bottom of the knob
13 mm

- Material

- Weight
3.1 g (Glow 3.2 g)

- Number of installed bearing sizes
2 pieces

- Installed bearing size
Outer diameter 7 mm x inner diameter 4 mm x thickness x 2.5 mm

- Avail compatible handle
Pure Handle S (Type2) for ABU/ISUZU/DAIWA 60/65/70/75/80 mm
Single Pure Handle S for ABU/ISUZU/DAIWA 32.5/35/37.5/40 mm
S Trad Handle for ABU/ISUZU 65/70/75/80 mm


If you expose it to direct sunlight for a long time, the product’s color may change.
Please avoid high temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight when storing.
The color of this product may differ from the color at the time of purchase due to use.
Please be careful not to leave it in a place where it becomes hot, such as inside a car, for a long time.
Please note that we cannot exchange due to discoloration, so please consider using/purchasing with your understanding.
Depending on your device, the color and texture may look different.