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ECC-740ZZ 4 piece set 【4mm×7mm×2.5mm】*AVHASH

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◆ECC bearing is economy class bearing.

size : inside diameter 4mm × outside diameter 7mm × thick 2.5mm (Shield Type)×4 piece

Compatibility handles of genuine SHIMANO and DAIWA , Avail ,StudioComposite,LIVRE except a part of Solt water reel handles.

* Not compatibility genuine ABU handles with bearing,inside diameter 4mm × outside diameter 7mm × thick 2.5mm.

Rotational performance of ECC bearing is inferior to SHG premium bearing performance.but,we notice that ECC bearing is rotational performace same as genuine bearing .

However ECC bearing isn't high performance,we recommend when you want to put handle knob bearings more reasonable.

※ECC Economy bearing made by same japan factory manufacturing SHG premium bearing.

Bearing Types

【SHG bearing】

The high-sensitive bearing whose rotary performance is terrific is for professional use. The products were carefully selected by hand work from the crowd of other bearings.
The rotational performance is superior to HRCB, and there is no rival for its ultimate smoothness.
This is the bearing to tune up for professional-use. It is very suitable for a high sensitivity reel to challenge by delicate tackle.

【ECC bearing】

・This bearing type have staying power.
・This bearing use the anti-rust grease.

* Both bearing types can use salt water because they made by stainless.

* ベアリングの素材はどちらも同じ海水使用OKのステンレス製です。

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