[Avai] Acrylic Knob Short HKAC [11 colors]

[Avai] Acrylic Knob Short HKAC [11 colors]

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Handle knobs made by Avail.
There are various materials, shapes, and colors, so color coordination with reels is also possible.
All knobs have 2-ball bearing specifications.

* Available handles are Avail S Trad Handle, Pure Handle S, and Single Pure Handle S.
It cannot be attached to the handles of other manufacturers or genuine ABU handles

The acrylic knob series is vulnerable to organic solvents.
Please be careful.
* The photos shown may differ from the actual ones depending on the shooting conditions.

Acrylic Knob Short S-KNOB-AC Red + GM Knob Cap No Brim Chrome
* Please purchase the knob cap separately.


Clear Smoke Yellow
Orange Red Pink
Purple Blue Light Blue
Green Brown  


(basic specifications)

Handle knob: Acrylic Knob Short
Main size: Maximum diameter 17mm, Diameter 13mm at the bottom of the knob, Overall length 27.5mm
Weight: 3.3g