*2023 Model [DLIVE x HEDGEHOG STUDIO Limited Color "All Black"] Rod Stand "FORCE" Carbon Holder 6-piece Specification Complete Pack

*2023 Model [DLIVE x HEDGEHOG STUDIO Limited Color "All Black"] Rod Stand "FORCE" Carbon Holder 6-piece Specification Complete Pack

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2023 new model Carbon version!
HEDGEHOG STUDIO x DLIVE exclusive original color "All Black"

The latest model of carbon holder and glossy all-black specification!

The carbon holder is not just carbon on the surface but is made of 100% carbon, so it has an outstanding luxury and texture!
The weight is also reduced by about 25% per holder compared to aluminum.

The holder cap made of silicone that can adjust the direction infinitely is equipped, and the reel foot is less likely to be scratched.
The stability is also excellent with the four-leg of aluminum cutting!

Enjoy the upcoming trout season in the area with the high-spec rod stand!

A dedicated leg cover (black) is included.

The top-class stability that is strong against the wind

DLIVE’s rod stand has a very high strength of four legs.
It is less likely to fall over than other companies’ stands in areas where strong winds blow.
The four-legged legs can also be folded so they can be stored compactly.

Careful attention to detail in the butchering

DLIVE's greatest strength is its thorough butchering process.
It made it possible to achieve both weight reduction and design.

The pattern of the handle (handle)

The handle can be set to two patterns.
By default, the position of the handle is high, and it is easy to move in a short section, such as a trout tournament.
The other pattern is that the rod tilts when held, and the angle is attached, making it less likely to interfere with places with many trees or obstacles overhead.
In addition, the handle of the force adopts POM resin, which is less likely to feel cold in winter. There is no tearing due to aging deterioration like urethane, and the durability is also excellent.

Silicone cap adopted

The cap at the tip of the holder has been upgraded to silicone.
It can minimize the damage to the reel foot without compromising the sharpness of the appearance.

The shape of the silicone cap

It supports not only spinning handles but also bait reels because there are slits in the front and back.
The direction can also be easily changed by hand without steps so that you can prevent interference with the reel.