[DLIVE] Drink Holder for Rod Stand

[DLIVE] Drink Holder for Rod Stand

Our Selling Price: US$25.30


Bottle storage (drink holder) that can be attached to the DLIVE Rod Stand "Force" and other rod stands!

It can accommodate small 350mm to large 600mm PET bottles, which have become common in recent years!
Allows you to store drinks in a smart way.

The belt that attaches to the holder has a non-slip finish to hold it firmly in place without slipping.

It has a smart design that does not interfere with the design of the rod stand when the bottle is not in it.

The top side has a can to tighten the bottle to prevent it from falling out.
It is a simple yet functional drink holder that can be quickly inserted and locked in place, so it will not interfere with your precious fishing time.
It can also be used during tournament intervals for easy water supply.


As far as DLIVE has confirmed, the following rod stands can be installed except for DLIVE's rod stands.

Rodeo Craft's rod stand
Pro Shop Otsuka's rod stand
DAIWA Presso Rod Stand

The leg spacing is narrow, so please stand the bottle in the opposite direction from the reel handle.

Even small bottles can be locked to prevent them from falling off while carrying.