★2024 Model★ [DLIVE] Net Spacer Stand "V Arm" Ver2

★2024 Model★ [DLIVE] Net Spacer Stand "V Arm" Ver2

Our Selling Price: US$43.12 [Regular Price: US$61.60]


DLIVE Special Billet Parts Net Spacer Stand "V Arm" Ver2

The evolved "V Arm" Ver2 with a two-stage variable gimmick!

Net in the caught fish without fail!

Attaching the DLIVE Net Spacer Stand creates a gap between the net and the ground, allowing you to quickly grab the net and bring it in for a net-in.
An essential item for area trout tournaments!

Two height settings, high position & low position, are available, and the aluminum billet provides excellent durability in cold climates.
The included tool makes it easy to attach, significantly improving the ease of landing!

With DLIVE logo

Turning one side of the part upside down switches to a low position.






Weight: 37 g

Compatible size: Up to 22 mm net diameter

Ground clearance when attached: High position: 7.7 cm, Low position: 5.8 cm

Includes rubber for clearance adjustment and scratch prevention and an attachment wrench

*As of September 2022 production, a dedicated leg cover is included.