Avail [ABU] 4P-Brake 2500C & SX Hi-speed (4P Brake 25C・4P Brake SXHS)

Avail [ABU] 4P-Brake 2500C & SX Hi-speed (4P Brake 25C・4P Brake SXHS)

Our Selling Price: US$21.12


|Regarding the stock of AVAIL product
It takes us two to three days to get ready to send Avail products
because we order them from the Avail factory.
Sometimes they might be out of stock at the timing of your order.
In the case of a stockout, we refund your purchase price immediately.

4P-Brake 25C
4P-Brake SXHS

The items are 4-point centrifugal brakes for ABU Ambassadeur series.

You can replace genuine 2-point brake with the 4-point centrifugal brakes.
The item is recommendable for anyone who gets backlash easily because the genuine brake is not enough.

※There are 2 types. (The lengths are different.)
Please select from these models depending on your reel type.
See compatibility below for details.

※Brake Blocks are optional items.
Please see Brake Block page to purchase separately.

ABU Ambassadeur
4 brake blocks can be attached.

ABU Ambassadeur
The unit on the right is genuine brake (#10211).

|How to replace brake

Take off genuine brake, and mount the 4-point brake on spool.
Even though it's a little tight to press it into spool, please push it to the end.

ABU Ambassadeur
After attachment

When you work on it, do not press or pull the pins.
Please press the ring-shaped black part.

4P-Brake 25C:
ABU Ambassadeur 1500C、2500C、2501C (IAR also)
ABU Ambassadeur 1600C、1601C、2600C、2601C (Elite also)

4P-Brake SXHS:
ABU Ambassadeur SX 1600C Hi-speed
ABU Ambassadeur SX 1601C Hi-speed
ABU Ambassadeur SX 3600C Hi-speed
ABU Ambassadeur SX 3601C Hi-speed


Main unit : plastic
Pins : stainless-steel


About 0.9g

|Maximum of brake blocks

4 pieces