[Avail] High Speed Gear Type 2 for ABU Ambassadeur 1500C, 1600C, 2500C, 2501C, 2600C

[Avail] High Speed Gear Type 2 for ABU Ambassadeur 1500C, 1600C, 2500C, 2501C, 2600C

Our Selling Price: US$19.25 - US$53.90 [Regular Price: US$27.50 - US$77.00]

Prices vary according to options.




- High Speed Gear Set
Brass model High Speed gear set HGST Type 2
Extra super duralumin model 75S High Speed gear set 75S-HGST Type 2

- High Speed Pinion Gear
HS Pinion Gear HGPG Type2 for 1500C/2500C (push button type) HGPG 2500 Type2
HS Pinion Gear HGPG Type2 for 1501C/2501C (push button type) HGPG 2501 Type2
HS Pinion Gear HGPG Type2 for 2600C (thumb bar clutch type) HGPG 2600 Type2
HS Pinion Gear HGPG Type2 for 2601C (thumb bar clutch type) HGPG 2601 Type2

Pinion gear: Brass
Main gear: Two types, brass and extra super duralumin
* Extra super duralumin pinion gears will not be manufactured.

Pinion gear: 1.7g
Brass main gear: 13.3g
Extra super duralumin main gear: 4.7g

Gear ratio
6.1:1 (Maximum hoisting amount 57 cm)

HGST 2500C, 75S-HGST 2500C : 2500C/1500C/150Plus/2500CDL
HGST 2501C, 75S-HGST 2501C : 2501C
HGST 2600C, 75S-HGST 2600C : 2600C/1600C/2600C Elite
HGST 2601C, 75S-HGST 2601C : 2601C/1601C/2601C Elite
* IAR models are also supported.

Specification changes

Gear ratio change
conventional model 6.0:1 → Type 2 6.1:1

Change gear twist angle
Disengagement of clutch, improvement of winding lightness

Maximum winding amount increased
conventional model 56cm → Type 2 57cm

Laser engraving

* Comparison with the old Avail high-speed gear and pinion gear.


A high speed gear set for the renewed ABU Ambassadeur 1500/2500 series.
You can increase the retrieve speed compared to the genuine product.
If you are not satisfied with the genuine winding speed, please consider it.

In the future, we plan to sell it separately or as a thumb bar model.

The pinion gear is still made of brass.
Due to wear resistance, we will not manufacture extra super duralumin pinion gears in the future.

The push button model and the thumb bar model are different on the left and right, so be careful not to confuse them with your model.

Compared to the genuine and old types, the clutch is disengaged and the lightness when winding is improved.

It is a set of main gear, pinion gear and high speed sticker red and black. The image is for right handle.

Notes on high-speed gears and pinion gears

Please be sure to use it as a set since the specifications such as the twist angle have been changed, it is not compatible with genuine main gear, pinion gear, old Avail high speed gear, and pinion gear.
In addition, the main gear of Type 2 has a laser engraving, and the pinion gear shaft has a line for discrimination. (See the figure below)

Laser marking on the back of the main gear. It is easy to distinguish from the conventional product. The image is for right handle.

A line is also placed on the shaft of the pinion gear so that it can be easily distinguished from the conventional product. The image is for right handle.

Due to the small size of the pinion gear, the strength will be lower than the genuine product.
Please note that it is not suitable for fishing that requires strong winding, such as fully locking the drag and winding it.