[Avail] ABU Microcast Spool [AMB2518TR 20th GOLD] for ABU Ambassadeur 2500C Series

[Avail] ABU Microcast Spool [AMB2518TR 20th GOLD] for ABU Ambassadeur 2500C Series

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Product Description

*The set includes a special box, spool, and two pin badges. The reel itself is not included in the set.
*Gold-plated spools are mainly intended for display purposes.

From Avail website

Thank you very much for your patronage. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2023. We are grateful for your patronage and support.
We will continue to strive to improve our services so that we may continue to be loved by you for many years to come. We sincerely hope that you will continue to patronize us in the future, and we would like to express our gratitude and best wishes on our 20th anniversary.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, we will release "MicrocastSpool AMB2518 TR 20th GOLD" on a limited basis.
The set includes a special spool and commemorative pin badges (two types), as befits a commemorative model.
We invite you to add this to your collection on this occasion and hope it brings back memories of your 20 years in the fishing world.

Microcast Spool AMB2518TR 20th GOLD Set Contents

1:20th-anniversary logo printed in foil (platinum foil)
2:Special gold-plated spool "AMB2518TR 20th GOLD" for Ambassadeur 2500C with gold-plated "Black Shaft".
3:"Avail 20th Anniversary" engraved on the inside of the spool
4:Includes a message of gratitude for the 20th anniversary.
5:Avail 20th Anniversary original pin badge commemorating the 20th anniversary is included
6:Avail's synonymous "Microcast" pin badge is included


Microcast Spool AMB2518TR 20th GOLD Basic Specifications

- Material
Spool part: Super duralumin (colored by gold plating)
Shaft: Super duralumin (hard anodized)

- Compatible Reels
ABU Ambassadeur 2500C/2500CDL/2500CS Rocket
2500CI/2500C IAR/2501C/2600C IAR/2601C IAR
2600C Elite/2601C Elite
It can also be used for reissued, non-IAR, etc.

Cautions for use

*Gold-plated spools are mainly intended for display purposes.

- When gold-plated spools are used for actual fishing, there is a possibility of fading, peeling off the plating, corrosion, etc., due to dirt and moisture.
- Please avoid high temperature, high humidity, and ultraviolet rays when storing.
- Please only store the product for a short period with the line still wound on it, as it may cause damage to the main body of the product.
- When reeling in the line, please be careful not to apply too much tension, as it may damage the body.
- The line material and line reel amount are only for reference. We do not recommend their use.
- The pin has sharp edges. Keep out of reach of children.

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