[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool [20MT24R, 20MT42R] for 20 Metanium

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool [20MT24R, 20MT42R] for 20 Metanium

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Microcast spool for SHIMANO 20 Metanium

Microcast Spool 20MT24R (Spool rim level: 2.4 mm)
Microcast Spool 20MT42R (Spool rim level: 4.2 mm)

Product Description

Microcast spool for 20 Metanium.
Two types of groove depths are available.
Please choose according to your fishing style.

It can also be converted to a magnetic brake by installing a magnet brake (sold separately).

The shallow groove type 20MT24R is recommended for finesse bass fishing with PE line around No. 1.5, as well as for mountain stream trout fishing.

The deep groove type 20MT42R has just the right line capacity for slightly lighter fishing with 8Lb to 12Lb fluorocarbon, allowing comfortable casting of lightweight shad plugs, etc.
We believe that you will experience the essence of the Microcast spool, which improves performance without sacrificing spool weight and winding length by optimizing the amount of thread spooled.


- 20MT24R

20MT24R Black

20MT24R Gunmetal

20MT24R Champagne Gold

20MT24R Red

20MT24R Purple

20MT24R Sky Blue

20MT24R Blue

- 20MT42R

20MT42R Black

20MT42R Gunmetal

20MT42R Champagne Gold

20MT42R Red

20MT42R Purple

20MT42R Sky Blue

20MT42R Blue


Basic Specifications

- Material

Spool part: Super duralumin(Colored by anodizing)
Shaft part: Super duralumin (Hard anodized)

- Size

Microcast Spool 20MT24R (Spool rim level: 2.4 mm)
Microcast Spool 20MT42R (Spool rim level: 4.2 mm)
Mounted bearing: 11 mm x 5 mm x 4 mm

- Compatible reels

23 Metanium
22 Metanium
20 Metanium
Fits to R/L gear ratios

- Weight

Spool/Weight/Weight ratio

Microcast Spool 20MT24R (Spool rim level: 2.4 mm)/7.5 g/66.2 %
Microcast Spool 20MT42R (Spool rim level: 4.2 mm)/7.8 g/68.9 %
20 Metanium genuine spool 11.32 g/-

Weight may vary slightly depending on the production lot.
Both genuine spools and Avail spools were measured without SVS.

Line Capacity

Microcast Spool 20MT24R 4 Lb:105 m, 6Lb:70 m, 8Lb:50 m
Genuine spool 4 Lb: 270 m, 6 Lb: 180 m, 8 Lb: 135 m

Microcast Spool 20MT42R 8 Lb:90 m, 10 Lb:72 m, 12 Lb:60 m
Genuine spool 8Lb: 135 m, 10 Lb: 108 m, 12 Lb: 90 m

Measurements were taken using fluorocarbon line (FluorovaluStar) from Yamatoyo Tegusu Co.

Cautions for use

If you feather the reel with your thumb using the spool rim, the alumite may come off due to friction.
Feather a reel with your a thumb, use the spool's spool surface.
When winding the line on the spool, applying too much tension may cause damage.
Especially when winding a stretchy line such as a nylon line, loosen the tension before use.