[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Brake MT20 for 20 Metanium

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Brake MT20 for 20 Metanium

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Microcast Brake MT20



It is a Microcast Brake for SHIMANO 20 Metanium.
If you want to cast a lighter lure, the combination of PE line and magnetic brake is recommended.
The magnetic brake can be adjusted from the outside using the external dial for SVS Infinity.
There are two compatible spools, Microcast Spool 20MT24R and Microcast Spool 20MT42R.
At the time of purchase, 4 magnets are included.
You can add a magnet if you like.
The size is 4x3.

How to attach the Magnet Brake

How to install the magnet brake Adjust the magnet brake so that it does not come into contact with the spool when the external dial is set to MAX.
The Shimano reel's external dial is designed for SVS Infiniti to function without stagnation, but of course it does not take into account the functionality of Avail magnet brakes.
Therefore, even if it is adjusted correctly, the brake will not work when the brake scale is 1 or 2, but this is not a defect.
Please adjust within the range where the brake works.

Remove the main body B set from the reel main body.

Take 3 bolts from the Frame B set inside.

After removing the bolts, remove each part from the Frame B receiving assembly as described above.

The brake pipe gear set on the right end of the above image is locked by the claws, so do not pull it forcibly and rotate the parts to unlock and remove the claws.

The removed brake pipe gear set.
Replace this part for Microcast Brake 20 Metanium.

The upper part of the microcast brake is a cap type.
Rotate and then remove the top as above.

With the upper part of the microcast brake removed, return the parts of the frame B receiving group that you removed earlier in order.

* Lock the microcast brake to the frame B receiving set using your claws in the same way as the brake pipe gear set that you removed earlier.

After mounting, attach the fixing bolts and then attach the upper part of the microcast brake.

This is the end of the installation work.
* If the cap is loosely tightened, it may not be used normally.
Please use it after confirming the tightening after assembling.