[DAIWA genuine product] SLPW 40mm Carbon Light Handle Gold

[DAIWA genuine product] SLPW 40mm Carbon Light Handle Gold

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A unique handle that is lightweight and has high strength by making full use of various technologies.

The smooth molded bent carbon pipe aiming for high-dimensional strength uses the highest strength carbon fiber "TORAYCA® T1100G" realized by technological development cultivated in the aerospace field.
Furthermore, Toray Industries, Inc. Nanoalloy® Technology Adaptation Material, which has achieved high performance and high functionality of the resin, was used by mixing multiple types of resin, which plays the role of an adhesive that holds carbon fibers together, on the order of nanometers.
As a result, high strength and high elastic modulus are achieved.
Furthermore, by making full use of DAIWA's carbon technology, a specially designed "carbon light handle" is adopted.
As a result, the weight has been significantly reduced compared to the conventional machine-cut handle.
It is a unique handle arm that combines conflicting elements such as light weight, high strength, and high elasticity at a high level.

* S size knob can be replaced




Ball Bearing(CRBB) x 2
Handle Knob Screw x 1
Washer x 4
Handle Cap Removal Pin x 1


Own weight:7g


LT1000-2000 size RCS1000-2000 size
* Shaft penetration type is not available

for Management Trout fishing area, Light Saltwater Fishing
* After using in seawater, please wash thoroughly with running water.