[DAIWA/SLP WORKS] SLPW Carbon Light Double Handle / Gold

[DAIWA/SLP WORKS] SLPW Carbon Light Double Handle / Gold

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Product Description

SLPW Carbon Light Double Handle/Gold

This is the flagship lightweight, high-strength double-handle model for small spinning reels.

Item Features

A double-handle model has been added to the popular “Carbon Light Handle” for small spinning reels.

With a lineup of three items, 82, 92, and 102mm, you can choose the appropriate length according to your needs.
The lighter weight of the handle reduces inertia, making it easier to feel the weight of the reel once you start reeling.
By setting the length to the usual handle length +2mm (one side +1mm), the reel feels light to reel with almost the same sensation as the usual handle length.

Compared to the 20g aluminum 90mm double handle, the Carbon Light Double Handle weighs approximately 13g.
Reducing about 7g in weight is a specification that allows you to feel the benefits in various aspects, such as improved sensitivity and operability.

The strength is the same as the single Carbon Light Handle; the handle arm uses the carbon fiber “TORAYCAT1100G”, and the resin that plays the role of an adhesive that organizes the carbon material uses Toray Industries’ nano-alloy technology adapted material.
As a result, high strength and high elasticity are achieved. Furthermore, by fully using DAIWA’s carbon technology and designing it exclusively, it has a shape that makes it difficult to feel uncomfortable even when switching from the conventional aluminum handle.
In addition, ultra-duralumin is used for the aluminum material, which has strength equivalent to or higher than the aluminum handle.

The design is unique and luxurious, and it is a flagship double handle that satisfies the desire to own.

*S size knob can be replaced




・4 Ball bearings (CRBB)
・2 Handle knob screws
・10 Washers
・1 Knob cap removal pin
・Instruction manual

SLPW Carbon Light Double Handle / Gold


Standard weight: 13g

Compatible Models

82mm: LT1000 - 2000 size, RCS1000 - 2000 size
92mm: LT1000 - 5000 size, RCS1000 - 3000 size
102mm: LT1000 - 5000 size, RCS2000 - 3000 size
*Shaft-through type is not supported

*After using in seawater, please wash thoroughly with running water.


SLPW Carbon Light Double Handle/Gold 82mm


SLPW Carbon Light Double Handle/Gold 92mm


SLPW Carbon Light Double Handle/Gold 102mm