[DAIWA/SLP WORKS] RCS EVA Handle Knob Power Light S *HKEVA

[DAIWA/SLP WORKS] RCS EVA Handle Knob Power Light S *HKEVA

Our Selling Price: US$33.00


◆ Description of the product

* This is single piece item.

These EVA knobs are available for genuine handles of DAIWA as well as Avail.
* This item is usable not only for bait-casting reel but also for spinning reel.
* Not compatible with the handles of Abu Garcia because the diameter of handle shaft is different.

This item will be well-fitted with a genuine product (handle shaft) if the type of reel is to have 2 bearings on each handle knob shaft.
Please make sure that some old types (over 10 year-old reels) are not attachable.

▼for Handle Knob Bearing


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Power LIght S / Power Light M / Power Light L

Seen design from above

Side view from Power Light S