[IOS Factory] Perfection Handle knob *HKAC

[IOS Factory] Perfection Handle knob *HKAC

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■Product concept

Ultra-durable, corrosion-resistant, anti-corrosion! IOS Perfection knob

from bait reel to the spinning reel, IOS Perfection knob is a dedicated knob of "IOSW handle for offset" or S-shaped type of W handle "SWAN" of IOS.

Sea kayaking is all weather and heavy-duty round knob that can be used both in the water regardless of the assumed seawater, freshwater use, such as.
Subjects fishing in streams from snakehead game heavy use, bus phishing in heavy rain, tidal splash is showered inexorably, moist and accurate rotation by the special impregnating oil resin to a harsh salt.

Design was made based on the ergonomics of one of as stick to be any weather finger to reduce the risk of finger during the retrieve will in contact with the handle slipped from the knob.

In Finger-safe concept, by the nap to shape a rich line that Konasu up dead slow retrieve to seek a winding sensitivity from ultra-high-speed retrieve close to the peace of mind at the same time human and applied full power to the knob limit, corresponding to a variety of phishing style.

IOS Perfection knob precisely, is the only one of the knob corresponding to all of the phishing-style up to harsh

■Size and color


S size

M size

L size


S size

M size

L size

Size is three expansion for the time being SML, color is two types of black and white

of IOS "IOSW handle for offset" or S-shaped type of W by combining the handle "SWAN"
Shimano, Daiwa, ABU, such as Isuzu reel bait possible is a corresponding to the reel

slender S-type that the image of a knob of direct reel Classic ABU
M size Ambassador 1500C & 2500C classes Recommended
L size 5500C & 6500C classes fit

high-grade stainless-steel, Tsuraichi & ultra-thin bis standard equipment

◆ accessories goods
-only stainless steel end-bis
-disk-shaped special tool
and adjustment shims (0.1 mm × 2)
- (is bearing-less type)

■Compatible models

IOS W handle offset, only can be mounted IOS W handle SWAN

※ By mounting in the handle and set, Shimano, Daiwa, ABU, but can respond to the bait reel such as Isuzu reel, of other manufacturers W handle and reel manufacturers direct support not to genuine handle

[IOS Factory] [Daiwa Abu Shimano corresponding] double handle offset

[IOS Factory] [Daiwa Abu corresponding] double handle SWAN