[IOS Factory] DAIWA Line Roller Direct 23 [HARD]

[IOS Factory] DAIWA Line Roller Direct 23 [HARD]

Our Selling Price: US$57.75 [Regular Price: US$82.50]


Ultimate Strength and Ultra Sensitivity: DAIWA Custom Line Roller Direct 23 Hard

This custom line roller boasts the ultimate durability and winding sensitivity, compatible with the new DAIWA monocoque body.
The line roller is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and the bearings also feature corrosion-resistant stainless steel shield bearings.
Its high-balance design significantly reduces rotational wobble, showcasing its true value in situations with high line tension, such as Shore Jigging with PE line and Seabass fishing.

*For light lines and lures, the lightweight and highly responsive Line Roller Direct 23 is recommended.


Silver only

Compatible Models

Compatible with DAIWA monocoque bodies from 2018 onwards.

Installation Instructions

1. For screws inserted from below (e.g., 18 series):

Genuine screw / Bail arm / 1.0 / BB / 0.5 / Main body / BB / 0.2

2. For screws inserted from above (e.g., 22 series):

Genuine screw / 0.5 / Bail arm / 1.0 / BB / 0.5 / Main body / BB / 0.2

Direct 23 Hard Impressions

I installed it on the 23 Airity LT3000H.
Due to the shield bearings, my concern was the rotor balance.
However, the balance has improved compared to the 16 series Direct Hard, alleviating my concerns.
The rotational performance seems enhanced due to the increased contact area between the bearings and the lightweight roller body, similar to the 23 series Direct.

This time, I mainly tested it for surf fishing with a float, and I could catch bites from distant horse mackerel and distinguish bites from other fish.
Additionally, like the 23 series Direct, it features shield bearings and a long sleeve design, promising improved water resistance, which gives me the confidence to recommend it to customers and friends.

Monitor: Suzuki