[IOS Factory] IOS-02 PRO Oil

[IOS Factory] IOS-02 PRO Oil

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◆IOS-02 PRO oil

This oil can use both the baitcasting reels and spinning reels. It can lubricate the inside bearing of the almost all reels,mainly.This oil is moderately-high viscosity.

Amount : 10ml

・Ball bearings for low weight bait casting reels.
・For Make a Super long cast.
・Each moving elements of Spinning reels and old reels.

1.Add toNon-Newtonian additive agent
  Non-Newtonian additive agent enable to make the newest reels and old rees more confortable.

2.Keep effects for a long period.
This oil maintain reel high performance in extreme cold and under the scorching sun of midsummer.

Case of normal additive agent

Dented the surface when the grease is agitating

Case of Non-Newtonian additive agen

Grease is tangling the shaft

3.Capability of recovery

4.Non-Organic solvent ! CFC and Organic gases aren't included,too

Case of normal spray reel oil.

Burn furiously when approximate the fire.

Case of lubricating oil for household use

Burn furiously when approximate the fire.

Case of IOS-02 oil

Stabilization when approximate the fire.

5.Easy pinspot oil filling

The spray reel oil spatter around.

Oil filling just the dose.