[Avail] ABU Click and Cogwheel #19373 Compatible Product

[Avail] ABU Click and Cogwheel #19373 Compatible Product

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Click and Cogwheel #19373 compatible

Model Name


Product Introduction

This custom part can be installed on the Ambassadeur 4000 - 6000 series (Ultracast models).
If you consider customization using Avail #5152, we recommend using Avail #19373 as a set.
Compatible with reels with genuine cogwheels #5152, #21800, #23404, #1132195.

[Avail] ABU #5152 Cogwheel Bearing Model for Ambassadeur 1500C/2500C

Avail #19373 has been machined to the optimum shape for the tip of the gear teeth of Avail #5152.
Therefore, the compatibility is excellent.
Optimizing the gear tooth shape ensures smooth rotation and reduces gear noise, further enhancing the performance of Avail #5152.
Those who have installed Avail #5152 on the genuine #19373 and #23403 click-and-cog used in current models and other models will experience a further improvement in casting feel by replacing them with Avail #5152.

Can be installed on Avail Ultracast spools and genuine spools.

Attachment Method and Precautions

When attaching the spool, please align the holes in the spool with the holes in the spool.
Attempting to attach the spool forcibly may cause deformation or damage to the click-and-cog or spool attachment part.
Also, individual differences exist in the click-and-cog attachment points on Avail Ultracast spools and genuine spools.
Therefore, each spool has a different fit to the cage.
If you are concerned about the looseness or rattling of the click-and-cog when installed on Avail or genuine spools, please apply a small amount of grease to the fitting part to adjust it.

*Avail and our company will not be responsible for any damage caused by failure in replacement work, etc.
Please understand that Avail and our company cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to failure in replacement work.


Basic Specifications

- Material
Main Unit: Polyacetal resin

- Weight
1.1 g

- Compatible reels
ABU Ambassadeur 4000 - 6000 series Ultracast models
Reels using #19373 and #23403 click and cogwheels

- Compatible cogwheel
*Please check the part number of your reel when purchasing.