[Avail] ABU Microcast Spool AMB6550UC for Ambassadeur 6500C series

[Avail] ABU Microcast Spool AMB6550UC for Ambassadeur 6500C series

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Spool depth:

|Regarding the stock of AVAIL product
It takes us two to three days to get ready to send Avail products
because we order them from the Avail factory.
Sometimes they might be out of stock at the timing of your order.
In the case of a stockout, we refund your purchase price immediately.

|Description of the product
Avail Microcast Spool AMB6550UC
(The spool rim level is 5.0mm)

This models is for ABU Garcia Ambassadeur 6500C series.

Genuine centrifugal brake is replaceable.
Special magnetic brake for the model is available.
(optional product)

By replacing genuine spool with the Microcast spool, you will succeed in weight saving of reel.
This will help improve your cast with light-weight lures as well as cast further distance.

Special magnetic brake also help you adjust the brake more finely.

"Microcast Brake CR2" for right handle

"Microcast Brake CL2" for left handle

※Fine tuning of the magnetic brake makes possible even with ABU reel.

See the page of Microcast Brake CR2

|Spool colors


Spool : extra super duralumin


Ambassadeur 6500C/ 6500CS etc.
(For Ultra-Cast model)
※Not compatible with reels whose spool is not detachable from its shaft.


Microcast Spool AMB6550UC : 17.8g
(The weight ratio against genuine product approximately 83%)

ABU genuine spool : 21.3g

|Line capacity

AMB6550UC 16Lb-100m:14Lb-120m:12Lb-150m
※The numerical value mentioned above is the result of measuring by winding nylon line up to the edge of spool rim.

|How to replace genuine centrifugal brake

Take Ambassadeur 5501C as an example

Take the reel apart.
The spool should be out from the shaft.
(If shaft is not detachable, that type of reel is not compatible.)

Take out Cogwheel (white plastic gear) from spool by pulling it.
Then remove a bearing (10mm×4mm×4mm) after the Cogwheel.
The bearing should come off as you tip the spool.

To remove centrifugal brake
This kind of model has 6-point plastic brake which is press-fitted to spool.
Take the brake out by using a tool like a flat-blade screwdriver.
Please be careful not to damage the brake unit and not to scratch genuine spool.

Some earlier model have 2-point metallic brake.
In that case there is a C-shaped ring fixing the brake.
Take the ring out and remove the brake.

Those parts beside the spool are lined up in order of attachment.

Attach brake parts on the spool in the following order.
(copper plate washer, bearing, brake unit)
Press the brake unit to snap on by fingers.

There is a structured mounting surface of the brake.
The left side of the brake in the photo above is the contact face with spool.

Attach the bearing and the Cogwheel in this order.
The attaching portion is shaped for gear of Cogwheel.
Fit the Cogwheel into the shape as turning it, and press it tight.
At the above picture, the Cogwheel fits neatly into spool.
At the below picture, the Cogwheel doesn't fit well.

Please take care of brake blocks not to fall off when attaching the spool on.

Since the total weight of spool gets lighter, you will use less number of brake block.