[Avail] Abu Microcast Brake AMB

[Avail] Abu Microcast Brake AMB

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Sometimes they might be out of stock at the timing of your order.
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Microcast Brake AMB1520
Microcast Brake AMB1540

These products are magnetic brakes for ABU Ambassadeur 1500C/2500C series.
They are specially attachable to Avail's spool.

See Compatibility below

AMB1520 (Main unit, 4 Magnets, Spacer)

AMB1540 (Main unit, 4 Magnets, Spacer)

The brake is adjustable by changing numbers of magnets.
It will help you backlash less when casting a light-weight lure.

※It is possible to use the magnetic brake in combination with centrifugal brake.


Housing : Plastic
Metal part : S45C (Nickel-plated)
Magnet part : neodymium magnet


Microcast Brake AMB1520 :
Main unit : 4.6g
Magnet : 0.4g (each)

Microcast Brake AMB1540 :
Main unit : 3.6g
Magnet : 0.33g (each)

|Max number of magnet

6 pieces


Microcast Brake AMB1520 : Microcast Spool AMB1520/2520

Microcast Brake AMB1540 : Microcast Spool AMB1540/2540

※There is no compatible magnetic brake with Microcast Spool AMB2560.
Please try cenrifugal brake with the spool.

|How to attach magnetic brake

Here are a main brake unit and a spacer.
4 magnets are attached to the main unit.

Take off the genuine centrifugal brake.

Put the spacer on.
The spacer is to adjust the position of spool.
Keep leaving a spring attached on the other side of the shaft.

Attach the brake unit on the handle side.
The position is on the housing of bearing that receives spool shaft.

Press the brake unit till it stops.

It's possible to attach the brake on the side of main frame.
In this case it's possible to use it in combination with genuine centrifugal brake.

To attach magnets,
it's better that magnetic poles(N and S) are placed next to each other in alternate order.
The brake gets stronger when the magnets are positioned side by side.


To remove magnets,
attract them by a wrench or some other steel tool, then pull them out.

When it gets backlash often, add more magnet.
If the brake is too strong, take some off.

If you need magnets more please purchase separately.