[Avail] SHIMANO Aluminum Level Wind Pipe LWP-BTM100, LWP-BTM200 for Old Bantam 100, 200

[Avail] SHIMANO Aluminum Level Wind Pipe LWP-BTM100, LWP-BTM200 for Old Bantam 100, 200

Our Selling Price: US$14.96 [Regular Price: US$17.60]



A lightweight level wind pipe compatible with SHIMANO Bantam 100/10 and each MAGCAST model.
It can be used by exchanging with genuine parts.

Bantam10:Pipe used LWP-BTM100

Bantam20:Pipe used LWP-BTM200

Bantam200:Pipe used LWP-BTM200

Bantam100EX:Pipe used LWP-BTM200




Bantam 100/10 and each MAGCAST model
* 100EX cannot be used

Bantam 200/201/20/21 and each MAGCAST model
(100EX available)

1.0g (genuine is approx. 2.5g)

Installation example

The above image reel SHIMANO Bantam 100/10 will be used for installation.
The plating process of the pipe has peeled off and rust has appeared.
We will replace this level windpipe.

Remove the parts and replace the level windpipe as described above.
The Bantam 100 SG is fixed with an E-ring, and the Bantam 100 is fixed with a reverse screw specification.
When removing the screws, pay attention to the direction of rotation.

The left side of the image is the Avail original parts.
Replace with the genuine part on the right.

Please reattach and return to the main body.

This is the end of installation.
The pipes are cleaner and look better.
Since the genuine pipe weighs about 2.5g, it is about 1.5g lighter than the genuine pipe.


Please note that depending on the individual, it may be difficult for the genuine bantam resin parts in the red circle to enter the pipe.
Forcibly installing it may cause damage.