[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool BTM1039RMAG for Bantam 100 MAGCAST

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool BTM1039RMAG for Bantam 100 MAGCAST

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Microcast Spool BTM1039RMAG (Spool rim level:3.9mm)


Reel: Bantam 100 MAGCAST






July 2022 renewal has been implemented.
As with previous models, the groove depth is designed at 3.9mm.
While increasing line capacity, we have achieved a weight reduction of approximately 0.2g compared to the previous model.

Major Changes

(Above: Old type Microcast Spool BTM1039MAG)

(Above: New type Microcast Spool BTM1039RMAG)

The spool body has been spoked to achieve a weight reduction of 0.2g compared to the previous product.
In addition, the brake rotor color is changed from red to silver.
There is no change in the amount of thread winding.


Basic Specifications

Spool part: Duralumin (colored by anodizing)
Shaft part: Stainless steel
Brake rotor: Duralumin

Compatible Reels
Bantam MAGCAST 100SG/100XSG/10XSG (Early model)

Notes for conformity

Please note that the spools of Bantam Mag (late series), as shown in the above figure, are not compatible.
The photo above shows Bantam 10 (late model).


Spool/Weight/Weight ratio
Microcast Spool BTM1039RMAG/13.3g/56.0%
Microcast Spool BTM1039MAG/13.5g/57.0%
Genuine spool(Bantam MAGCAST 100SG)/23.7g/-

Weight may vary slightly depending on the production lot.
*About 0.2g lighter than the previous model.

Line Capacity

Microcast Spool BTM1039RMAG

6Lb: φ0.205mm/133m
8Lb: φ0.235mm/100m
10Lb: φ0.260mm/80m

The above values were measured using fluorocarbon line, wound to the full spool rim.
Measurements were taken using fluorocarbon line (Fluorovaluestar) manufactured by Yamaho Tegus Co.

* If you feather the reel with your thumb using the spool rim, the alumite may come off due to friction.
Feather a reel with your a thumb, use the spool's spool surface.