[Avail] SHIMANO 16 METANIUM MGL for Microcast Spool [MT1620RI, MT1636RI, MT1670R]

[Avail] SHIMANO 16 METANIUM MGL for Microcast Spool [MT1620RI, MT1636RI, MT1670R]

Our Selling Price: US$105.00


■ model name
Microcast Spool MT1620RI (depth 2.0 mm)
Microcast Spool MT1636RI (groove depth 3.6Mm)
Microcast Spool MT1670R (groove depth 7.0Mm)

■ goods introduction

reel: 16 Metaniumu MGL XG RIGHT
reel to the mounting already Avail products
Microcast spool MT1620RI Purple
MicrocastBrake ALD15
hexagonal star drag 2 Purple
offset handle LT 90mm black
Shimano handle nut M7 black
16 Metaniumu MGL mechanical brake knob Purple for
wood flat knob Santos Rosewood
GM knob cap without brim purple

Shimano 16 Metaniumu MGL micro-cast spool for is.
16 Metaniumu MGL is easy and design of Pamingu, is the reel to be active in the Almighty by the lightweight its own weight.
For the intended use of the reel is also wide, has a lineup of three private spool.
Shallow trenches type MT1620RI is capable of retrieving at a faster speed than the small diameter spool bait finesse dedicated during or approach accurately lightweight rig as handled by bait finesse dedicated reel, the fast winding of the shad and small crank , more Tegaeshi good fishing can be deployed.
MT1636RI to be the middle of the groove depth is the Almighty spool to respond flexibly to tackle Medium Light to heavy class.
It is available at a high level until the heavier of the lure from lightweight lure depending on the thickness of the winding line.

Deep groove type of MT1670R the big size aim and powerful Ribabasu capture.
Also a capacity sufficiently able to stock the essential thick line to large long shot from the Paris Tsu land.
It is also recommended to flipping go by implanting good tempo to heavy cover with a thick line.

Brake system of MT1620RI and MT1636RI the "magnet brake" or, "Porting a genuine SVS Infiniti", please use by choosing one of the.

Since MT1670R is "centrifugal brake only", please use by transplanting the genuine SVS Infiniti.

■ color variations (each groove depth common)




sky blue

champagne gold

■ Specifications

• Basic specifications
spool parts: Ultra duralumin (colored by anodized)
shaft parts: stainless steel

(key size)
Microcast Spool MT1620RI groove depth is the: 2.0 mm
Microcast Spool MT1636RI depth: 3.6mm
Microcast Spool MT1670R groove depth: 7.0 mm

(adapted reel) 
16 Metaniumu MGL LEFT / RIGT
16 Metaniumu MGL HG LEFT / RIGT
16 Metaniumu MGL XG LEFT / RIGT

■ For weight

(spool) (wt)
Microcast Spool MT1620RI 11.4 g
Microcast Spool MT1636RI 11.8 g of
Microcast spool MT1670R 11.8 g of
16 Metaniumu MGL genuine spool 11.8 g of

※ genuine spool, our steel spool both, is what was measured in the absence of SVS.
SVS Infiniti, the weight of the brake unit is 2.6g.

■ line capacity

spool MT1620RI
8Lb Fai0.235Mm 45M
10Lb Fai0.260Mm 40M

spool MT1636RI
12Lb Fai0.285Mm 60M
14Lb Fai0.310Mm 50M

spool MT1670R
16Lb Fai0.330Mm 95M
20Lb Fai0.370Mm 70M

Yamatoyo gut (stock) like fluorocarbon line ( It measured using the Fluorochemicals Baryusuta).

■ Notes on your

If you were thumbing using a spool rim, there is a possibility that the anodized aluminum is peeled off by friction.
Please be carried out in the wound surface of the spool especially summing is.
When winding the line on the spool, it can cause damage too over strong tension.
In particular, when winding the line with growth, such as nylon line, please use wound to loosen the tension.

■ accessory

comes with an O-ring on the spool shaft.
If you want to use a magnet brake, please use it.
The position of the O-ring has put the color to green so that easy to understand.

O-ring is attached to the spool shaft.
If you want to use by transplanting the SVS Infiniti, please use mounting an O-ring like a photograph.
The position of the O-ring has put the color to green so that easy to understand.

■ for the brake system

because MT1620RI and MT1636RI is equipped with a brake disk to spool inner wall, and then adapted to the magnet brake or centrifugal brake (installed simultaneously is not allowed).
Please use to select your choice.

MT1670R because not equipped with a brake disc, it will be the centrifugal brake only.
Please use by transplanting the genuine brake unit.

■ method of mounting the magnet brake

magnet brake, please use adjusted to a position where it does not contact with the spool when the external dial 6.
External dial Shimano reel has been made for the SVS Infiniti to function without stagnation, but it does not have a naturally taking into account the function in the avail-made magnet brake.
Therefore, it will be the most state of the brake does not work when 1 or 2 of the brake scale even when correctly adjusted, not bad.
Please use to adjust to the extent that effective against the brake.
When attached to the reel body, a screw of the magnet fixed portion is in contact with the bearing received in a state in which screwed to the end, it can not be mounted.
In addition, even when the mounting normally, you can not screw the magnet fixed part all the way.

Remove the side cover from the reel body, and remove the fixing bolts attached to the three locations of the frame B.

Remove the dial center of the fixing bolts, and remove the brake dial and the brake pipe gear.
Since the claws of the brake pipe gear is caught in a spiral of cut, if you do not come off and remove the brake pipe gear by turning to the left and right.

There is a nail in two places on the inner side of the magnet brake.
Do screwed put the nail in the break of the frame received B.
Screw all the way.

As 4 of the external dial comes to the position of the photo, install the dial.
To secure the dial-in at a fixed bolt this point.

If you come up here, but only assemble after.
To secure the three points of the frame B in the fixing bolts.

When you have finished assembly, and the adjustment of the brake.
An external dial to adjust the mechanical brake in one of the state.
Mechanical brake in the state incorporating the spool, to adjust to the state slightly loosened from the place that no longer rattle to the left and right.

When you have finished the adjustment of the mechanical brake, and set the external dial 6.
If the brake is brought into contact with the spool at this time, tighten the magnet of the brake, away from the spool.
If you do not want to contact, loosen the magnet until the last minute to contact, as close to the spool.
In the case of 16 Metaniumu MGL series, from the state in which the removal of the magnet portion, 7 screwed as the rotation state becomes a standard.

※ The photograph is so easy to understand the positional relationship between the brake and the spool, it uses a 15 Aldebaran 50, MicrocastSpool ALD1518TR.
The state with the image, please go to the adjustment of the brake.