[Avail] Microcast Brake MT16K (for SHIMANO 16 Metanium MGL only)

[Avail] Microcast Brake MT16K (for SHIMANO 16 Metanium MGL only)

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Microcast Brake MT16K


Microcast Brake MT16K


Basic specifications

Body: polyacetal resin
Magnet: Neodymium magnets φ4x3

Body Height


MicrocastSpool MT1620RI
MicrocastSpool MT1636RI

How to attach the Magnet Brake

It is natural that SHIMANO’s outside dial is not considered to be matched to Avail’s magnet brake system as SVS infinity is made to be functioned smoothly.
Hence, when you adjust the brake dial correctly to 1 or 2, almost no brake is available.
But, it is not defective.
Adjust the brake function as long as it is available and use it.

Detach the side cover from the reel body and take 3 bolts from the Frame B set inside.

It is in the removed state.
Be careful not to lose the fixing bolts.

Remove the golden brake pipe gear by twisting it in a spiral.

Contrary to the removal of the brake pipe gear, insert the claw inside the magnet brake body into the cut of the Frame B set and screw it in.

Align the external dial 1 so that it is in the brake position, and fix the Frame B set with three fixing bolts.
This completes the installation work of the magnet brake.