[IOS Factory] DAIWA Line Roller Direct [Direct 16-20 series]

[IOS Factory] DAIWA Line Roller Direct [Direct 16-20 series]

Our Selling Price: US$71.50


"Appeared for the line roller direct 16 Seruteto, 17 Steez-Presso Limited!"

◆ Long taper design the benefits of the line roller to the maximum

in addition to the conventional retrieve style of fishing, such as a bus or Ajingu and Egingu, in recent years especially diversity in the fishing-conscious line slack to be, even in a state that is not taking a little line tension, to improve the rotation of the line roller, be smooth will be required to line winding.

Compared with the long taper specification of the line roller direct the conventional product, even at the time of processing of the slack line, greatly improves the rotation performance by increasing the contact area of the line, as a result, line trouble was also significantly improved, modern technical corresponding to a phishing style, it is the only one of the line roller of custom long taper specification.

※ are not needed compatibility with conventional products line roller-direct "for real".
16 at the time of Seruteto and 17 Sutezu looking for matching line roller direct to the line roller direct "16 system, 17 system" Please purchase.

Left Long taper specifications, right conventional products.
Increasing the length of the vertical, improve conformability of the line.
Also it supports the latest phishing style of tension free.

Gold (freshwater only)
dare priority gloss without the anodized.
While fresh water only, its luster has an overwhelming presence.

Ion Gold (Salt corresponding)
genuine color just to any reel regardless of Salt and fresh water.
Kore get lost!

Blue (2019 new color Salt compatible)
ideal for reel of Silver and Blue is the color to produce a Salty image.

Red (Salt compatible)
when you want to issue a Mad Black series of reel and accents.
It brings out the existence of the reel by the director with the impact.

Purple (2019 new color Salt correspondence)
is primarily a color compatibility is great with dark system of the reel.

Paraiba Blue (2019 new color Salt correspondence)
miracle of jewelry, color of the image of a Paraiba tourmaline is,
is the color that will be familiar with the wonder with any reel.
In particular, it is great with pale metallic system of the reel.

Gunmetal (Salt compatible) New color in 2020
Semi-glossy dark gunmetal color is just match with black reel

│ Product name
line roller Direct for 16 Seruteto & 17 Steez

│ target reel

・20 LUVIAS FC LT2000〜FCLT2500
・19 CERTATE LT2500〜3000
・18 EXIST LT1000〜LT3000(Including FC)
・17 STEEZ All Type
・17 PRESSO Limited
・16 CERTATE 1003〜2508

│ color

│ bundled product

line roller body
two-dedicated bearing
· 0.5mm shim two
· 1mm 1 sheet shim
· 0.2mm shim one
- disk-based one
-dedicated-bis single
-installation instructions (as described in mount back)

※ attention

is - this product is custom line roller that was only priority the rotation performance.
Daiwa mug shield mechanism is dust-proof, is an excellent mechanism to waterproof, as the adverse effects of the case of disconnect the mug shield, that it may corrosion and water resistance of the bearing is impaired, please note.
· In addition, because it does not receive the manufacturer's warranty at that time, please note.

• 16 Seruteto and line roller Direct for 17 Steez is a special size.
Line compatibility with the roller-direct "for real" are not needed.
- at the time of purchase, line roller-direct "16 system, 17 system" Please purchase.

│ for use in seawater

bearings that are used to, our all products are excellent made of stainless steel to rust.

- daily maintenance is, after the shower washed with water, Once dry, or have you applied from the gap between the larger amount of line roller body the IOS-02, after which to decompose the line roller, please applied to the bearings and other related parts .
In addition, the line roller body when it is based on the use of sea water, please select the ones of anodized aluminum specification.

│ mounting method

to remove the conventional line roller unit compound and a bis to clean the dirt.
(Does not the diversion of genuine parts with respect to attachment.)

With reference to the installation procedure, it assembled while applying the IOS-02 oil.
(Usually 0.2mm shim is not used.)

Line and insert the dedicated screws from under the roller arm.

Insert the disk-based.

Insert the 0.5mm shim.  

Attach a dedicated bearing.

Attach the line roller body.

Attach the 1mm shim. (Note that not a 0.5mm shim)

and then attaching the special bearings.

Insert the 0.5mm shim.
However, a large gap is generated when it is fixed with a screwdriver, if and only if the line is biting, use the 0.2mm instead of 0.5mm.
Usually 0.2mm shim is not required.

All After mounted, tighten with a screwdriver, complete check the rotation.

◆ it does not rotate the rotation of the line roller, what to do if not fit

to remove corrosion and dirt, such as 1-line roller arm.

Please check whether the suits line roller to 2 compliant reel again.

3 sure-bis line roller shaft only tighten in the driver is not deformed.

In a state in which set a 4-line roller, to verify proper clearance to up and down it is maintained.

※ At the time of use, please use on the pre-check whether there is any loosening of the screw.