[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool 16SCP7040RI for 16 Scorpion 70/71, CURADO 70/71 Series

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool 16SCP7040RI for 16 Scorpion 70/71, CURADO 70/71 Series

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Microcast Spool 16SCP7020RI(The spool rim level is 2.0mm)

Avail parts already installed on Spool
Microcast Spool 16SCP7020RI
Hexagonal Star Drag2 RED
Mechanical brake knob for 16Scorpion 70 RED
Offset Handle LT 80mm Black
M7 Handle nut black
Flat Wooden Handle Knob Santos Rosewood
GM Handle Knob Cap Unflanged type for FLAT knobs RED

Avail parts already installed on Spool
Microcast Spool 16SCP7040RI CHAMPAGNE GOLD
Hexagonal Star Drag2 CHAMPAGNE GOLD
Mechanical brake knob for 16Scorpion 70 CHAMPAGNE GOLD
offset handle LT 80mm Black
M7 Handle Nut Black
EVA Slim Knob Black
GM Handle Knob Cap with hole CHAMPAGNE GOLD

This is light and shallow spool compatible with 16 Scorpion 70/71 series, CURADO 70/71 series.
It will help you cast lightweight lures.

The MicrocastSpool 16SCP7020RI is recommended for trout fishing in main streams and mountain streams, and bass fishing with light rigs in cover.
It is also suitable for salt, and is recommended for black sea bream, light rock, and eging.

The MicrocastSpool 16SCP7040RI mid-mizo model is recommended for small to medium-sized crankbaits, vibrations, spinnerbaits, and other windings, as well as light Texas, jig rigs, and rubber jigs from 3.5 to 10 grams.
This spool is equipped with a brake disc on the spool to accommodate a magnetic brake.
Magnetic brake can be adjusted externally using an external dial for SVS Infinity。
For use with centrifugal brakes, the stock SVS Infinity should be transplanted.


│Microcast Spool 16SCP7020RI







Spool : extra super duralumin
Shaft : stainless


16 Scorpion 70,71
16 Scorpion 70HG,71HG
16 Scorpion 70XG,71XG
CURADO 70/71 Series


Microcast Spool 16SCP7020RI : 9.7g
Microcast Spool 16SCP7040RI : 10.2g
SHIMANO original spool : 13.1g

・Line capacity

6Lb φ0.205mm 55m
8Lb φ0.235mm 45m

12Lb φ0.285mm 60m
14Lb φ0.310mm 50m

Measurements were taken using fluorocarbon line (FluorovaluStar) from Yamaho Tegus Co.

Precautions for use

Top: Stock spool Bottom: Microcast spool
When the spool is assembled into the reel, the spool will be slightly closer to the handle side, but this is not a defect because the spool is centered to match the stock spool.

Summing with the spool rim may cause the anodized aluminum to peel off due to friction.
Summing, in particular, should be done on the spool's thread winding surface.
When winding line onto the spool, applying too much tension can cause damage.
When winding a stretchy line such as nylon line, in particular, please use a looser tension.

How to install the magnet brake
In the 16 Scorpion 70, the fixing bolt in the center of the brake dial is a hex-lobe (star shape) T10 size.
Please prepare a dedicated tool separately, since a hexagonal wrench or the like will damage the screw holes.

The magnet brake should be adjusted to a position where it does not contact the spool when the external dial is set to 6.
The external dials on Shimano reels are designed to allow the SVS Infinity to function flawlessly, but of course they do not take into account the functionality of the Aveil magnetic brake!
Therefore, even when adjusted correctly, the brake will be almost ineffective at 1 or 2 on the brake scale, but this is not a defect.
Please adjust within the braking range.
When mounting the magnet on the reel body, the screw of the magnet fixing part cannot be mounted because it touches the bearing support when screwed all the way in.
Also, even when installed properly, the magnet fixing portion cannot be screwed in to the deepest position.

Remove the side cover from the reel body, and remove the three fixing bolts attached to the frame B receiver assembly.

Remove the fixing bolt in the center of the dial and remove the brake dial and brake pipe gear.
The claw of the brake pipe gear is caught in the spiral cutout. If it does not come off, turn it to the left or right to remove the brake pipe gear.

There are two tabs on the inside of the magnetic brake. Insert the tabs into the slit in the frame holder B and screw it in. Screw them in to the deepest part.。

Install the dials so that the 4 on the external dial is in the position shown in the photo.
At this point, secure the dial with the fixing bolt.

Once you have reached this point, all you need to do is assemble it.
Fix the three points of the frame B receiving assembly with the fixing bolts.

After assembly, adjust the brakes.
Adjust the mechanical brake with the external dial at 1.
The mechanical brake is adjusted with the spool assembled and slightly loosened from the point where it no longer rattles from side to side.

After adjusting the mechanical brake, set the external dial to 6.
If the brake contacts the spool at this point, tighten the brake magnet and release it from the spool.
If contact is not made, loosen the magnet until it just barely makes contact and bring it closer to the spool.
In the case of the 16 Scorpion 70 series, the magnet should be screwed in about six and one-eighth turns from the position where the magnet section is removed.

*Photograph shows 15 Aldebaran 50 and MicrocastSpool ALD1518TR for better understanding of the positional relationship between the brake and the spool.
Imagine this condition and adjust the brakes.