[Avail] Microcast Brake 16SCP (only Avail spool for 17 CHRONARCH MGL, 16 Scorpion 70/71)

[Avail] Microcast Brake 16SCP (only Avail spool for 17 CHRONARCH MGL, 16 Scorpion 70/71)

Our Selling Price: US$33.00



This item enables a magnetic brake system by installing on Avail Microcast spools.





Material : Polyacetal resin

Weight : 6.2g


Avail Microcast Spool :

・ 16SCP7020RI
・ 16SCP7040RI

・ 17CRNC36RI
・ 17CRNC60RI


How to attach the magnet brake

Adjust the magnet brake not to touch the spool when you click the outside dial to 6.
It is natural that SHIMANO’s outside dial is not considered to be matched to Avail’s magnet brake system as SVS infinity is made to be functioned smoothly. Hence, when you adjust the brake dial correctly to 1 or 2, almost no brake is available. But, it is not defective. Adjust the brake function as long as it is available and use it.

Detach the side cover from the reel body and take 3 bolts from the Frame B set inside.

Take the fixing bolt out the dial, then remove the brake dial and brake pipe gear. As the gear tooth is caught in the screw shape cut, further clicking dial is required when it is difficult to remove it.

Avail magnet brake has 2 position of concavities and the point you can not find the gear tooth inside. Set the point you can not find the gear tooth like above photo, put the brake into the frame B set and screw in as far as it will go.

Attach the dial to the front side of the frame B set, click the dial until it goes to outside dial position 4. At this time, set the dial with fixing bolts.

From this point, assemble is only required. Fix the 3 points of the frame B set with fixing bolts.

After completion of assemble, adjust the brake with outside dial position 1.

Adjust the mechanical brake after installing the spool, and loosen a bit from the position which spool does not wobbly from side to side.

After adjusting mechanical brake, click the outside dial to 6. If the brake touch to the spool, loosen the magnet of brake and separate it from the spool. If not, loosen the magnet and close the brake to the spool as possible as you can.