[DAIWA] RCS I Cork Handle Knob [Non-Coat] *HKIC

[DAIWA] RCS I Cork Handle Knob [Non-Coat] *HKIC

Our Selling Price: US$16.83 [Regular Price: US$19.80]


◆ Description of the product

※It is the price of one handle knob

These cork knobs are available for genuine handles of DAIWA as well as Avail.
※This item is usable not only for bait-casting reel but also for spinning reel.
※Not compatible with the handles of Abu Garcia because the diameter of handle shaft is different.

This item will be well-fitted with a genuine product (handle shaft) if the type of reel is to have 2 bearings on each handle knob shaft.
Please make sure that some old types (over 10 year-old reels) are not attachable.

We sell knob caps for this item separately.
Please select your choice!

▼for Handle Knob Bearing


▼for Handle Knob Cap

Handle Knob Cap

◆ Product Concept

・Weigt: approx 3g
・Length: approx 35mm

◆ Compatibility


◆Compared to I Shape Cork Knob [Clear]

◆Compared to handle knob sizes made by daiwa

・I Cork Knob (non-coat)
・Power Round Cork Knob
・Power Square Cork Knob

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