[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool 14CNQ1024RI for 14-15 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 100/100HG series (Compatible with both SVS Infinity and magnetic brake models)

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool 14CNQ1024RI for 14-15 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 100/100HG series (Compatible with both SVS Infinity and magnetic brake models)

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Brake System:


This is Avail Microcast Spool 14CNQ1024RI useful for 14-15 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 100/100HG series.

Reel: 15 Calcutta Conquest 101HG
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renewal in order to meet the Microcast Spool Shimano 14 near quest 100,100HG to the magnet brake.

Microcast Spool 14CNQ1024RI of the new release is, ... the centrifugal brake specification by transplanting the SVS Infiniti to your liking you can choose according to the to ... your favorite magnet brake specification by attaching a magnet brake of or sold separately.

Since the shallow groove design, I think it is easy to use from the mountain stream of trout lures up to about 15g.


│Microcast Spool 14CNQ1024RI (Depth 2.4mm)





Back View


Spool: Ultra duralumin (Colored by anodize)
Shaft: Stainless Steel




14CNQ1024RI: 10.2g
SHIMANO Original: 11.7g
* Measured without SVS unit

Line Capacity

6Lb φ0.205mm 75m
8Lb φ0.235mm 65m
10Lb φ0.260mm 55m

* The numerical value mentioned above is the result of measuring by fluorocarbon line up to the edge of spool rim.

* As thumbing on the spool rim, there is a possibility that the anodized aluminum is peeled off by friction. Please try to thumb on line surface of the spool.
* When winding the spool on the line, will be the cause of the damage is too over a period of strong tension.
In particular, when winding the line with growth, such as nylon line, please use wound to loosen the tension.

■method of attaching the magnet brake

here is to use the 15 Calcutta Conquest 101HG, will continue to commentary.

Micro-cast brake ALD15 is, you may want to contact the spool when the external dial to MAX..
Please use in a range that does not contact when you turn the external dial.
External dial Shimano reel has been made for the SVS Infiniti to function without stagnation, but it does not have a naturally taking into account the function in the avail-made magnet brake.
Therefore, correctly 1 from MIN. Of under 4 minutes of the brake scale even when adjusted but will be the most state of the brake does not work, not bad.
Please use to adjust to the extent that effective against the brake.

Remove the side cover from the reel body, and remove the fixing bolts attached to the frame B受Ke set.

Remove each part from the removed frame B受Ke set.

Turn the frame B受Kegumi you removed, and then to state that the dial was out most of the brake pipe gear turning to the MAX. Direction.
Then loosen the dial center of the fixing bolts, and remove the BR Tsumamigia..

Removed BR Tsumamigia (golden parts), it does not use at the time of magnet brake specification.
When it becomes necessary to use a centrifugal brake, please keep not to lose.

And the claws of the two places on the inner side of the magnet brake, there is a portion which is not jagged cut on the outside one place.
Toward the diagonal direction of the small gear portions jagged is not cut (BR Tsumamigia), and screw about 30 degrees put the nails to break.
* The brake unit of the photo contains a magnet to eight, but the product is six places.
Add two magnets are available.

And external dialing MAX. Inner hole became parallel small gear from the state fully turned in the direction (BR Tsumamigia), attach together the parallel portion of the dial.
Secure the dial in the fixing bolts at this time.

Turn the dial to MIN., It can be a gap in the brake unit and the frame B受Kegumi.
MAX. Since it sometimes contact spool and the brake and here there is a gap, please use in a range that does not contact.

Mounting method can not be is a gap we want to explain again, but it is a very complex task, so
I think that is how easy better for you to use in a range that does not hit in the usual method of attachment.

During assembly, the frame B received Kekamu and the main body B cam lever is superimposed as shown in the photograph.

The two parts that overlapped, and attach it to the frame B受Kegumi as shown in the photograph.
Place the washer of bronze color in this way, and then lightly fixed by fixing bolts.
There is a small projection in a portion of the arrow, tighten the fixing bolt projections from twisting so that the inside of the body B.

When assembled correctly, the previous projection is no longer visible from the outside.
This assembly is complete. Since the portion that is fitted with a magnet of micro-cast brake is turned screws, should be used in the tightened best state.
Even out magnet part of the brake, use is possible.
Please use to the extent that the brake does not hit the spool.