[Avail] Microcast Brake CNQ14K (for SHIMANO 14 CALCUTTA CONQUEST only)

[Avail] Microcast Brake CNQ14K (for SHIMANO 14 CALCUTTA CONQUEST only)

Our Selling Price: US$33.00

Retail Price: US$31.64


Microcast Brake CNQ14K


Microcast Brake CNQ14K


Basic specifications

Body: polyacetal resin
Magnet: Neodymium magnets φ4x3

Body Height


MicrocastSpool 14CNQ1024RI

How to attach the Magnet Brake

Here, We will explain using 15 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 101HG.

It is natural that SHIMANO’s outside dial is not considered to be matched to Avail’s magnet brake system as SVS infinity is made to be functioned smoothly.
Hence, when you adjust the brake dial correctly, almost no brake is available in the range of 1/4 from MIN.
But, it is not defective.
Adjust the brake function as long as it is available and use it.

Detach the side cover from the reel body and take a bolt from the Frame B set inside.

Remove each part from the removed Frame B set.

Flip the detached frame B set, click the dial, set the brake pipe condition gear at the peak position. Then Loosen the fixing bolt in the center of the dial and remove the BR knob gear.

The removed BR knob gear (golden parts) is not used when using magnet brakes.BR> Please keep it in a safe place as you will need it when using it with a centrifugal brake.

Avail magnet brake has 2 position of concavities and the point you can not find the gear tooth inside.
Set the point you can not find the gear tooth like above photo, put the brake into the frame B set and screw in as far as it will go.
* The brake unit in the photo has magnets in 8 places, but the product has 6 places.
Two magnets can be added.

From the state where the external dial is fully turned in the MAX. direction, attach the parallel part inside the small gear (BR knob gear) by aligning it with the parallel part of the dial.
At this time, set the dial with fixing bolts.

When the dial is turned to MIN., There will be a gap between the brake unit and the frame B receiving group.
If there is a gap here, the spool and brake will come into contact at MAX. Please use within the range where they do not come into contact.

We would like to explain again how to install it so that there is no gap, but it will be a very complicated task, so we think it is easier to use it within the range that does not hit with the normal mounting method.

When assembling, stack the frame B receiving cam and the main body B cam lever as shown in the photo.

Attach the two stacked parts to the frame B receiving group as shown in the photo.
Place the bronze washer in this way and lightly fix it with the fixing bolt.
There is a small protrusion on the part indicated by the arrow.
Twist the protrusion so that it is inside the main body B, and then tighten the fixing bolt.

When assembled correctly, the protrusions will not be visible from the outside.
This completes the assembly.
The part where the magnet of the micro cast brake is attached is a screw, so please use it in the most tightened state.
It can be used even if the magnet part of the brake is exposed.
Please use it within the range where the brake does not hit the spool.