[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool [ALD1518TRI] for 15 ALDEBARAN 50/51, 18 ALDEBARAN 30/31

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool [ALD1518TRI] for 15 ALDEBARAN 50/51, 18 ALDEBARAN 30/31

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SHIMANO Trout Special Microcast Spool for 15 ALDEBARAN 50, 18 ALDEBARAN 30

Microcast Spool ALD1518TRI

Product Description

Avail parts already installed on reel
Microcast Spool ALD1518TRI Purple
Star drag for 15 ALDEBARAN 50 Purple
Mechanical brake knob Purple
Offset Handle LT 80mm Black
M7 Handle nut Black
Wood flat knob Santos Rosewood
GM Knob Cap without Flange Purple

Avail parts already installed on reel
Microcast Spool ALD1518TRI Champagne Gold
Star drag for 15 ALDEBARAN 50 Champagne Gold
Mechanical brake knob Champagne Gold
Offset Handle LT 75mm Black
M7 Handle nut Black
Wood flat knob Santos Rosewood
GM Knob Cap without Flange Champagne Gold

Microcast spool for 15 ALDEBARAN 50, trout special.
In a controlled fishing area, spoons weighing less than 1 g can be cast depending on the tackle balance.
For mountain streams, it can deliver anything from Balsa floating minnows in the 3-gram range to heavyweight minnows to the point without stress.
If you want to cast lighter lures, a combination of a magnet brake and PE line is recommended to reduce the weight increase of the spool.
This spool is equipped with a brake disc on the spool to accommodate a magnet brake.
The magnet brake can be adjusted externally using an external dial for SVS Infinity.

Please note that 15 ALDEBARAN (SVS Infinity) and 18 ALDEBARAN (NEW SVS Infinity) are not compatible.

18 ALDEBARAN MGL users should use the optional magnet brake (Microcast Brake ALD15K).

*Trout special model is a spool for light tackle, developed to target regular size fish for trout fishing in controlled fishing areas and mountain streams.
This special model is designed to improve the flying distance of ultra-lightweight lures at the expense of a certain degree of strength.
In addition, if you wind a lot of nylon line thinner than the line capacity indicated, the spool may break due to swelling and shrinkage caused by the water absorption characteristic of nylon line.
Applying too much tension when reeling in line or trying to cut by holding and agitating or pulling the spool when removing a rooted fish can cause damage as well.


Microcast Spool ALD1518TRI





Sky Blue

Champagne Gold


Back view


Basic Specifications

- Material
Spool portion: Super duralumin (colored by anodizing)
Shaft portion: Super duralumin

- Main size
Microcast Spool ALD1518TRI
Spool rim level: 1.8mm

- Compatible reels
18 ALDEBARAN MGL 30/31 (Genuine SVS cannot be used.)
18 ALDEBARAN MGL 30HG/31HG (Genuine SVS cannot be used.)
15 ALDEBARAN 50/51

To ensure the strength of the spool shaft, the bearing installed is 10 (outer diameter) x 4 (inner diameter) x 4 (width).

- Weight

Spool/Weight/Weight ratio Microcast Spool ALD1518TRI/5.9g/56.1%
Genuine spool/10.5g/-

Weight may vary slightly depending on the production lot.

Microcast Brake ALD15 Brake 6.0g

Both genuine spools and Avail spools were measured without SVS.

- Line Capacity
Spool/4Lb φ0.165mm/6Lb φ0.205mm
Microcast Spool ALD1518TRI/75m/50m
Genuine Spool (15 ALDEBARAN 50)/250m/166m
Genuine Spool (18 ALDEBARANMGL 30)/200m/133m

Measurements were taken using nylon line (VERSATILE DESIGN) by Yamatoyo Tegusu Co., Ltd.


* If you feather the reel with your thumb using the spool rim, the alumite may come off due to friction.
Feather a reel with your a thumb, use the spool's spool surface.
When winding line onto the spool, applying too much tension can cause damage.
When winding a stretchy line such as nylon line, in particular, please use a looser tension.

How to use SVS Infinity with implantation

Please refer to the [Avail] SHIMANO SVS Infinity 4 puller product page for SVS Infinity porting instructions.

How to attach the Magnet Brake

It is natural that SHIMANO’s outside dial is not considered to be matched to Avail’s magnet brake system as SVS infinity is made to be functioned smoothly.
Hence, when you adjust the brake dial correctly to 1 or 2, almost no brake is available.
But, it is not defective.
Adjust the brake function as long as it is available and use it.

Detach the side cover from the reel body and take 3 bolts from the Frame B set inside.
1 of 3 fixing bolt which is existed opposite side of outside dial is shorter than others.

Flip the detached frame B set, click the dial, then set the brake pipe condition gear at the peak position.
Then remove the fixing bolt in the center of the dial.

Remove the brake pipe gear by pushing it from the back side.
As the gear tooth is caught in the screw shape cut, further clicking dial is required when it is difficult to remove it.

Insert the inner claws of the magnet brake body into the slit in the frame receiver B set and screw it in.
Screw in to the deepest position.

Install the dials so that the 4 on the external dial is in the position shown in the photo.
At this time, set the dial with fixing bolts.

Once you have reached this point, all you need to do is assemble it.
Fix the 3 points of the frame B set with fixing bolts.

After assembly, adjust the mechanical brake.
Adjust the mechanical brake after installing the spool, and loosen a bit from the position which spool does not wobbly from side to side.