[Avail] Flat Wooden Handle Knob *HKWD

[Avail] Flat Wooden Handle Knob *HKWD

Our Selling Price: US$41.80


■ Product introduction

of the 2018 December left and right twist model was newly launched.
Since it is also possible to use the left twist to the right handle (the reverse is also possible), choose in the knob visibility.

Knob will be the 2 ball bearing specifications. Since it is a knob of a relatively small size, I think that reel also fit in a small size. It is recommended for spinning reel and small bait reel of mountain stream and area fishing size.
Avail made handle, of course, and Shimano knob A type, can be installed in fits handle Daiwa made knob S size.

Only then so it can also be used to purchase knob, and comes with a resin of the knob cap (black). If you wish to aluminum color anodized aluminum knob cap, please purchase a GM knob cap (no collar) separately.

Wood flat knob left twisting striped ebony
GM knob cap (no collar) Champagne Gold
GM knob cap, please purchase separately.

Wood flat knob striped ebony
GM knob cap (no collar) Gun Metal
color knob cap, please purchase separately.

■ variation of the knob

wood flat knob
striped ebony

wood flat knob
Santos rosewood

wood flat knob 

wood flat knob left twisting
Santos rosewood

wood flat knob left twist

wood flat knob right twist
striped ebony

wood flat knob right twist
Santos rosewood

wood flat knob right twist
Santos rosewood

wood flat knob right twist

※ Please note ※
handle that can respond to the knob 1 month, limited to those that use bearings 2 months.
Advance to decompose your existing handle, please check.
ABU is to handle such as Revo does not have a fit.

Since Uddonobu is we use natural materials, it should be maintenance painted on a regular basis oil.
※ pattern of knob, how to enter the muscle is different from the published per natural materials photo.

■ About accessories handle knob

photo will be the accessory in the case of selecting the handle knob body in Santos rosewood.

Handle knob body 1 month, plastic knob cap (black) 1 month, knob resin color one month for Shimano, the adjustment washer two (please adjusted to take only if there is a "play" to handle knob).
※ ball bearings for receiving knob will be sold separately.
Whether you use a genuine bearing, please purchase separately.
(Size: 7X4x2.5)

■ Notes on Uddonobu

Uddonobu, we have fabricated utilizing the natural materials.
Therefore, appearance, please understand that there are some variations in weight.
Examples of photo all, will be striped ebony.
Pattern, there is a variation in color.
Painted on a regular basis oil, it should be the maintenance.
By oil fly, it will crack, and the cause of the cracks.
Moreover, it is oil that is applied to the Uddonobu, but we use oil derived from a plant called harmless to the human body "perilla oil".

Uddonobu for maintenance oil
that is applied to regularly Uddonobu, has the effect of preventing cracks, the cracks.
If it thick coating on the inside of the Uddonobu (the portion bearing enters), you may desorption of the bearing is tight.
Please If you have too much paint wipe off the excess oil, such as a cotton swab prior to drying.