[GOLD Works] TAKUMI Bush “REN” -ALCHEMIST- for Old Ambassadeur (2 pieces)

[GOLD Works] TAKUMI Bush “REN” -ALCHEMIST- for Old Ambassadeur (2 pieces)

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GOLD Works, a reel tuning manufacturer, presents the second option to bearings, the “Bush.”

Bare bushes have fewer components than bearings, achieving overwhelming silence and rust resistance. The initial speed is controlled, reducing backlash while enabling silent casting.

Feature 1: Machining

Each bush is machined from solid material with very narrow dimensional tolerances specified.
This prevents looseness and achieves silent and smooth spool rotation.
The structure and machining vary depending on the manufacturer and intended use.

Feature 2: Slit Processing

Special slit processing is applied to the inside of the bush, significantly reducing the friction coefficient at the contact point between the shaft and the bush.
Additionally, oil penetrates the slit part, greatly improving oil retention.

Feature 3: Four-layer Coating

After slit processing, a four-layer special coating is applied in steps, repairing the metal surface (uneven parts) immediately after processing and improving self-lubrication.

Quantity: 2 pieces
Material: Brass
Standard: Exclusive for Old Abu (Bush Specification Models Only)
Specification: Barrel type (with GOLD Works logo)
*Please be sure to oil up when installing.
*If the spool shaft is too worn, noise may occur, so please be aware in advance.