[GOLD Works] TAKUMI Bush “REN” -ALCHEMIST- for Current Ambassadeur (1040 x 1040)

[GOLD Works] TAKUMI Bush “REN” -ALCHEMIST- for Current Ambassadeur (1040 x 1040)

Our Selling Price: US$27.65 [Regular Price: US$39.50]



GOLD Works, a reel tuning manufacturer, presents the second option to bearings, the “Bush.”
Bare bushes have fewer components than bearings, achieving overwhelming silence and rust resistance.
The initial speed is controlled with moderate resistance, reducing backlash while enabling silent casting.

Feature 1: Two-layer Structure

The inner ring parts are machined from solid material with strict dimensional tolerances.
The inner ring is surrounded by an O-ring and housed in engineering plastic PEEK.
This two-layer structure clears the bush’s challenge of “impact absorption,” achieving silent and smooth spool rotation. (*PAT.P)

Feature 2: Slit Processing

Special slit processing is applied to the inside of the bush, significantly reducing the friction coefficient at the contact point between the shaft and the bush.
Additionally, oil penetrates the slit part, greatly improving oil retention.

Feature 3: Inner Diameter Design for Each Manufacturer (Model)

This product is designed to be very tight, with variations in inner diameter for each manufacturer (model).
After checking on various actual machines and conducting sufficient tests after installation, verified model names and manufacturers are listed as compatible models.
Models that do not meet expectations are excluded, and operation is not guaranteed.

Quantity: 2 pieces
Standard: Exclusive for current Ambassadeur (Ultra Cast model)
Specification: Equivalent to 1040 standard (with GOLD Works logo)

*Please be sure to oil up when using.
*If the frame is distorted, the operation will be unstable, so please correct it before assembly.
*The inner diameter of this product is designed with extremely precise clearance. Therefore, if the reel lacks adequate precision or is subjected to excessive load, the spool and spool shaft may be damaged. Please install at your own risk.

Compatible Models

It is compatible with Ambassadeur 4000, 5000, and 6000 series reels, where the spool shaft can be removed from the spool, as shown in the photo.