[I.Works] Original Handle Knob [fin-g] (1 piece)

[I.Works] Original Handle Knob [fin-g] (1 piece)

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Features and Development Concept

It was developed with the concept of “Hibiki.
It is designed to maximize vibration amplification by creating a hollow using the benefits of a two-piece structure.
Experience the “resonance” of metal.

This finesse-compatible handle knob is processed using high-performance CNC machines to minimize core runout and backlash, providing a highly sensitive and smooth winding feel.

By using high-strength aluminum alloy for the material, as much material as possible is removed to reduce weight, minimizing the inertia force from the handle knob and enabling a super-sensitive design for delicate fishing.

Color Lineup


Calm, sophisticated, can be coordinated stylishly depending on the match.


A color close to PRESSO and similar models.

Champagne Gold

A subdued gold that blends well with black and silver reels.


This is a gorgeous purple with a dark metallic tone.


Finished in a dark pink, it stands out remarkably!


Blends well with silver reels, providing a sophisticated hidden accessory.


Perfectly matches silver reels!


SHIMANO: Handle knob A type
DAIWA: Handle knob S type

*Compatible with spinning reels in the 1000-4000 size range and most baitcasting reels

*Not compatible with Abu Garcia

Included Items

Main body unit
End screw (same color as the main body unit)
Bearings: 2 stainless steel bearings
Large shims: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3mm, 2 pieces each, stainless steel
Small shims: 0.2, 0.5mm, 1 piece each, aluminum
Collar: 2.6mm collar, aluminum
Simple wrench for end screw, stainless steel

Items without quantity specified are provided in single units.

Installation Examples

- DAIWA Handle Setting
2.6mm collar / 0.2mm washer / BB “knob body” BB / small diameter 0.2mm washer / small diameter 0.5mm washer / end screw

- SHIMANO Handle Setting
BB “knob body” BB / 0.2mm washer / small diameter 0.5mm washer / end screw

- ZPI Handle Setting
2.6mm collar / BB “knob body” BB / small diameter 0.2mm washer / small diameter 0.5mm washer / end screw

- DLIVE Handle Setting
2.6mm collar / 0.2mm washer / 0.3mm washer / BB “knob body” / BB / 0.1mm washer / 0.2mm washer / 0.3mm washer / end screw

*Abbreviations: BB = Ball Bearing, W = Washer

Note: There are individual differences in handles and handle knobs. Please make fine adjustments according to the individual.


Total Length: 32mm
Maximum Diameter: Φ14mm
Minimum Diameter: Φ9.3mm
Weight: Approximately 3.4g
Material: Aluminum alloy

All colors are anodized for saltwater resistance.
All products are domestically produced, “Made in Japan”!