[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool for 23 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS [23CNQ-20RN]

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool for 23 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS [23CNQ-20RN]

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Microcast Spool for 23 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS

Model Name


Product Description

Reducing the stroke of the level winder reduces the line's frictional resistance, which leads to increased casting distance.
The optional Aluminum Worm Shaft for 23CNQ20RN (sold separately) must be installed
to use this spool.
The optional Aluminum Worm Shaft for 23CNQ20RN is particularly difficult to install, so please watch the installation video at the bottom of this page before purchasing.
Please disassemble and install at your own risk.

The worm shaft is designed to match the spool's line winding width.
By narrowing the range of movement of the level winder compared to the genuine one, the angle at which the line is released becomes shallower.
This reduces line release resistance during casting and improves the casting feeling.
In addition, the resistance of the lines rubbing against each other is also reduced, so the line lasts longer and causes less trouble.




23CNQ20RN Basic Specifications

- Groove Depth

- Material
Spool Main Unit: Super duralumin
Spool Shaft: Super duralumin

- Compatible Bearings
Outer diameter 8mm x inner diameter 4mm x thickness 3mm
Not compatible with genuine bearings.

- Weight

Microcast Spool 23CNQ20RN: 5.0g
Genuine spool: 6.6g
*Weight including Ball Bearing

Microcast Spool 23CNQ16R: 5.0g
Genuine spool: 6.6g
*Weight including Ball Bearing

- Compatible Model
Fits all gear types and both left and right handle types

*When replacing the bearing, please note the bearing size.
*When replacing the bearing, be careful not to damage the shaft, drive pin, etc., and do so at your own risk.
*The model name and line capacity are engraved on the side of the spool.

23CNQ20RN Line Capacity

PE #0.4 #0.6 #0.8
23CNQ20RN 80m 60m 40m

*The line capacity was measured using Yamatoyo Tegus Co., Ltd.'s line.

About Additional Magnets

MS-23CNQ-20RN is designed with a shallower groove than the genuine spool.
Therefore, the distance between the genuine magnet and Avail's spool is larger, which weakens the braking effect.

To shorten the distance, please use the optional auxiliary magnet set of 8 magnets (φ4 x 2mm).
Please refer to the bottom of the Microcast Spool for 23 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS's product page for details on how to add magnets.

Installation method


*Microcast spools are made as thin as possible to reduce weight and strength.
The spool's inner cavity is designed with a shallow groove so that the reel's driving sound will reverberate inside the spool and may be heard louder.
Please be assured that this will not affect actual fishing.
Do not apply too much tension when winding the line on the spool, as it may cause damage.
*The bearings are coated with anti-rust bearing grease to maintain quality when shipped.
If the rotation of the spool is heavy, please degrease and clean the bearing and lubricate it with oil of your choice before use.