[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool [23CNQ16R] for 23 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool [23CNQ16R] for 23 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS

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MicrocastSpool 23CNQ16R

Product Description


Microcast spool for 23 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS.
Ultra-super duralumin with excellent lightness and strength is used.
Compared to the genuine spool, the overall weight of the spool has been reduced by reducing the amount of thread wound.
Backlash is reduced, and lightweight lures can be fed with a lower trajectory.
This design is ideal for light game fishing, such as horsehair fishing and mountain stream trout fishing using PE line.
*Please install the optional auxiliary magnet set of 8 magnets (φ4 x 1 mm) before use.
Please refer to "How to use" below for details on adding magnets.

Cautions for Use

Since the spool is designed with a shallower groove than the genuine spool, the distance between the genuine magnet and the Avail spool becomes wider, reducing the brake's effectiveness.

To shorten the distance, please use an additional set of 8 auxiliary magnets (φ4 x 1 mm)(sold separately).
Please refer to the following page for the method of adding auxiliary magnets.

⇒Set of 8 Auxiliary Magnets for 23CNQ16R

Cautions for Using Neodymium Magnets

Ensure the safety of the surrounding area when working with neodymium magnets.
Keep away from products affected by magnetism, such as electronic equipment.
Doing so may destroy them.
If a magnet is swallowed, it may cause a choking hazard or require surgery if it stays inside the body.
If a magnet is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.




Champagne Gold

Example of installation


Basic Specifications

- Material
Spool part: Super duralumin (colored by anodizing)
Shaft part: Super duralumin (hard anodized)

- 23CNQ16R Specs
Rim outer diameter: 29 mm
Thread-wrapped surface: 26 mm
Groove depth: 1.6 mm

- Genuine Spool Specs
Rim outer diameter: 29 mm
Spool surface: 23 mm
Groove depth: 3 mm

- Compatible reel
Compatible with all gear types and left/right handle types

- Spool Bearing Size
MicrocastSpool 23CNQ16R: Outer diameter 8 mm x inner diameter 4 mm x thickness 3 mm
Genuine spool: OD 8 mm x ID 4 mm x Thickness 2.5 mm
*Size of the bearing is different from that of the genuine spool bearing, so please pay attention to the size when replacing the bearing.

*The anodized coating will likely be peeled off When using the spool rim due to friction.
Please use the line winding surface of the spool for thumbing.
*Do not apply too much tension when winding the line on the spool; otherwise, the spool may be damaged.
Please use a looser tension when winding a stretchy line, such as a nylon line.
*Anti-rust grease is applied to the bearing at the time of shipment.
Please degrease, clean, and lubricate the bearings before use.

- About Weight

Spool / Weight / Weight ratio to genuine spool
MicrocastSpool 23CNQ16R / 5.0g / 75.0%
Genuine spool / 6.6g / 0.0g

*Weight may vary slightly depending on the production lot. Weight includes Ball Bearing.

- Line Capacity

MicrocastSpool 23CNQ16R
E0.4: *1.MAX100m
PE0.6: *2.MAX75m
PE0.8: *3. MAX60m

Fluoro-4lb: MAX60m
Fluoro 6lb: MAX40m
Fluoro 8lb: MAX 30m

Genuine Spool
Fluoro 4lb: ---m
Fluoro 6lb: 45m
Fluoro 8lb: 45m

1*2*3. To fully demonstrate the performance of this product, the appropriate amount of thread spool is about 60-80% of the amount mentioned above of thread spool.
Please be careful of backlash or other problems if you wind the line to the full C surface (max. spooling capacity).
*The spool is designed to be extremely thin to reduce weight.
Please be careful not to apply too much tension when using a nylon line or when rewinding the line, or to agitate or pull the spool when removing a rooted hook, as these actions may cause damage to the spool.
Measurements are taken with SHIMANO PE line Pitbull 4 braided up to the C surface of the spool.
The amount of PE line thread spooled above will vary depending on the customer's line.
*The measurement was taken with Yamatoyo Tegusu Co., Ltd.'s Fluoro-ValuStar wound up to the C surface of the spool.
The amount of fluorocarbon line spooled depends on the line the customer uses.
*When using a thin line, the line may get caught in the gap between the spool and the frame, causing backlash, line breakage, or other problems.

Handling Instructions

When attaching the 23CNQ16R, prepare the optional auxiliary magnet set of 8 magnets (φ4 x 1 mm).
Attach them in the latter half of the operation.

Slide the lever on the back side of the reel main body backward.

This will lift the main body B from the frame.

Grasp the outer circumference of the lifted main body B.

Remove the main body B.

Remove the genuine spool and attach the 23CNQ16R.

Please install the spool so the narrow shaft faces the handle when attaching it.
Be careful of the direction of the spool.

After the spool is installed, add magnets.

Set the brake dial to the MAX position so the unit sticks out the most.
This will make it easier to proceed with the work.

The genuine magnet arrangement is alternately + and -.
Attach a set of 8 auxiliary magnets (sold separately, φ4 x 1 mm) on top of these magnets.

Use tweezers to place the magnets on top of the genuine magnets.
The magnets have a + side and a - side. Please note that the magnets may fly off and be lost when repelled.
*If you have insulated tweezers, please use them.
*We recommend the use of tweezers when removing the magnet.
*Please be aware that magnetic tweezers or other tools used near the bearings may damage them.

Install 8 brake dials, alternating + and -, as shown in the figure above. At this time, set the brake dial to MIN.

Replace the main body B.
*If you open the main body B with the mechanical brake knob tightened, you may be unable to close the main body B because the spool is close to the perming side.
In such a case, please loosen the mechanical brake and install it.

Slide the lever to fix the main body B and complete the replacement work.

After installation, adjust the brake force by casting a lure with your usual tackle.
If you feel the brake is too strong when the brake is set to "min," reduce the number of magnets you have added and adjust the brake force.