[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool for 19 ANTARES [19ANT41R]

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool for 19 ANTARES [19ANT41R]

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Microcast Spool for SHIMANO 19 ANTARES

Model Name


Product Introduction

Super-duralumin, which excels in lightness and strength, is used as the material.
This lightweight spool has a line capacity of 150m of the No.1 PE line.
The spool’s main unit weight has been reduced by approximately 3g (approx. 68% of the genuine spool) compared to the genuine spool. This improves the spool’s response when casting and enables more comfortable casting of lures with a wide range of weights.
The spool is especially compatible with the PE line.
This spool is the best match for light, versatile styles using the PE line.
Optimized thread take-up improves performance without sacrificing spool length and spool weight.
This product can be customized with a magnet brake by removing the genuine SVS Infinity using the puller for NEW SVS Infinity (sold separately).

Depending on your application and preference, this allows you to use either a centrifugal or magnetic brake.




Basic Specification: For 19ANT41R

- Groove Depth

- Material
Spool Main Unit: Super duralumin
Spool Shaft: Super duralumin

- Compatible Bearings for 19ANT41R:
Outer Diameter 11mm x Inner Diameter 5mm x Thickness 4mm

- Weight:
MicrocastSpool 19ANT41R: 7.5g
Genuine spool: 10.9g
*Weight includes bearings without SVS

- Compatible Brakes:
Genuine SVS Infinity
Microcast Brake for 19 ANTARES

- Compatible Models:
Fits all gear types and both left and right handle types

*When replacing the bearing, be careful of the bearing size.
*When replacing the bearing, please be careful not to damage the shaft, drive pin, etc., and do so at your own risk.
*Avail logo, model name, and line capacity are engraved on the side of the spool.

Line Capacity

PE #1.0 #1.2 #1.5 #2.0
19ANT41R 150m 125m 100m 75m
PE #1.0 #1.2 #1.5 #2.0
Genuine Spool 240m 200m 160m 120m

*The line capacity was measured using Yamatoyo Tegus Co., Ltd.'s line.

How to remove the SVS Infinity

Please click here to see how to remove the SVS Infinity attached to the genuine spool.

How to install


*The microcast spool is thinned to the necessary strength limit for weight reduction.
Due to the shallow groove, the internal cavity of the spool is designed to be larger, which may cause the reel’s operating sound to echo inside the spool and sound louder.
This does not affect practical fishing use, so please use it with confidence.

*Using the spool rim for thumbing may cause the anodized coating to peel off due to friction.
Perform thumbing on the spool’s line-winding surface.
Applying too much tension when winding the line onto the spool can cause damage, particularly when using stretchy lines like nylon and winding with looser tension.

*Grease is applied to the bearings to prevent rust and maintain quality during shipment. If the spool rotation feels heavy, please clean the bearings with a degreaser and lubricate with your preferred oil before use.