[Avail] ABU Offset frame [MF7.5] for Ambassadeur 2500C (Machine Cut Foot) [AOF-MF75-2500C]

[Avail] ABU Offset frame [MF7.5] for Ambassadeur 2500C (Machine Cut Foot) [AOF-MF75-2500C]

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Aluminum Offset Frame 7.5MF (Machine Cut Foot) for Ambassadeur 2500C

Model Name


Product Introduction

This is an offset frame for the ABU Ambassadeur 2500C.
The foot part specification has been changed from the March 2024 model.
Replacing it with a genuine frame can significantly reduce the reel weight.

The offset amount is set to 7.5 mm, achieving excellent palming performance when installing a straight grip.


AO Frame MF7.5-2500C Black

AO Frame MF7.5-2500C Red (Arrival pending)

AO Frame MF7.5-2500C Chrome

AO Frame MF7.5-2500C Gold-Plated


Basic Specification: For 2500C

- Material
Side plate, foot, bar: Super duralumin
Post: Titanium 64 alloy
Fixing screws: Stainless steel

- Weight
AOF-MF75-2500C: 29 g
Genuine frame 2500C:51.0 g
*It may vary depending on the model.

- Offset amount
7.5 mm

- Compatible models
ABU Ambassadeur
For 2500C: 2500C/2500CI/2500CDL/3500C/3500CS, etc.
*Both IAR and non-IAR are compatible.
*It does not fit thumb bar models such as 1600C/2600C.

Installation Method

About the Product

Aluminum offset frame 7.5

The screws on the fixed part of the reel foot and the fixed part of the thumb bar may come loose due to use.
Check regularly to see if it is loose, and if it is loose, retighten it.
The size of the tool is No. 2 of a Phillips screwdriver for the foot part and M2 size of a hexagon wrench for the thumb bar part.

Depending on the shape of the reel seat, it may interfere with the reel seat if it cannot be installed or if it is loosely installed.
(Because the width is narrower than 2500C, we think that there are many reel seats that cannot be attached.)
If the installation is loose, use a thick vinyl tape on the back of the foot.
Since there are innumerable reel seats, many unconfirmed ones may not fit.

Please note that we may be unable to answer even if you contact us.


*If you use the “gold-plated spool” for actual fishing, “fading, plating peeling, corrosion,” etc. may occur due to dirt and moisture, so please perform maintenance thoroughly each time after use.
*Please avoid high temperature, high humidity, and ultraviolet rays when storing.