[ULCUS] G ZERO Line Roller Bearing Kit for DAIWA

[ULCUS] G ZERO Line Roller Bearing Kit for DAIWA

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Product Description

By enlarging, high-speeding, and high-precisioning the bearing inside the line roller, you can expect improved sensitivity, increased drag performance, and reduced line trouble.

Especially when using a line with good slipperiness, like a PE line, you can feel it.

There is a ULCUS logo on the side of the bearing.


Open Type

Shield Type

Set Contents

- Bearing outer diameter 7mm x inner diameter 3mm x thickness 3mm 2 pieces
- Bearing washer 3 pieces

Open Type

Shield Type

Compatible Models


- 20 LUVIAS FC LT2000S - FC LT2500
- LUVIAS AIRITY 1000 - 4000
- 22 EXIST LT2000 - LT3000
- 18 EXIST LT1000 - LT3000 (including FC)
- 17 STEEZ All Types
- 19 CERTATE LT2500 - 4000
- 16 CERTATE 1003 - 2508

G ZERO Line Roller Bearing Kit DAIWA Replacement Method Video

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