[IOS Factory] Lure Tuner

[IOS Factory] Lure Tuner

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The Lure Eye Tuner is a must-have for the plucking game that has become popular recently.

Two types of tips, 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm, are included.

*The 0.8 mm tip is pre-installed by default.

This lure tuner is compatible with Minnow for bass from small plugs for area use.

The grip end is equipped with a special wrench for Cardinal line rollers.

A simple wrench for the cardinal side cover is built into the body, making it a reliable partner in case of unexpected reel trouble.

In addition, the taste of natural wood and the texture of carefully polished chrome silver will become more and more seasoned as you use it, making it a must-have accessory for adults concerned about their fishing vests as a stylish accessory.

Main Functions

1. Lure eye tuner

2. Cardinal line roller wrench

3. Cardinal side cover simple wrench

Color: Padouk (KARIN) or Ebony

Size: 65 mm

Weight: 10g

Use: Mountain strem, Area, Bass, Light salt

Lure ring size: 0.8 mm & 1.0 mm